we were drafted into a war and didn’t even realize it

black males vs black vixens vs blac gays vs black trans
democrats vs republicans
the far left vs the far right
the incels vs everyone
lgbtq+ vs everyone+
straight white males vs common sense of those underneath
nicki stans vs cardi stans
some of you vs some of me
everything and everyone vs everything and everyone


it’s like everyone is fuckin’ angry or jaded all the time.
there has been a war happening within the united states.
the entire country is divided and those who aren’t,
they are sitting back on social media watching this all play out.
many are egging it on and want to see the world burn.
i’ve been thinking about the current state of things and i’m wondering…

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the two sisters in the country

i met two sisters,
one around 9 and the other is 6,
while in the country during my brief stay.

the youngest sister reminded me of my sister at that age tbh.
but very observant.
when i learned these girl’s stories,
it broke my heart…

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the fox and the country

i know you’ve probably been wondering where i was.
i have a good excuse too.

I was in the country!

if you follow me on my socials,
which you should cause i update my going on’s quite often,
i was putting my current location in my stories.
^that picture was one of them.
i was smacked dad in the backwoods country.
“ain’t another house for another 10 miles” country.
“fuck around and get sprayed by a skunk” country…

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some are harassing us because they think they’ll lose the country

i’m deeply concerned with where this county is going.
some folks are just boldly walking up to you,
drunk off of racist energy,
and going full YOLO with the shits.
it’s always good when you have an ally who will fight for you.
we don’t have a lot of white allies nowadays,
but the ones we do have,
they need to be highlighted.
so this tweet flew down my timeline:

and this was the video that was attached…

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Would You Let Him Have Your Body Parts?

luka-rocco-magnotta-capturednaw he will take it
everyone meet luke rocco magnota aka “canadian cannibal”.
this strapping young snow wolf was a porn star.
not in any i’ve ever watched,
but he did a few low budet foXXXs for his “career”.
well he has a fetish for body parts.
i mean any porn actor does,
well his fetish is a tad…

sadly his ex boyfriend learned just how much he liked them…
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A Day In The Life of Number 88

I definitely want his country ass.

I can see it now.
The City Fox and the Country Wolf.

I teach him how to avoid train cars with homeless people on the subway…
He can teach me how to milk a cow.

Sounds exciting!

I really love his upbringing.
He seems really humble and it seems like he has a solid foundation.
One I am sure he has laid very well…


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