Would You Let Him Have Your Body Parts?

luka-rocco-magnotta-capturednaw he will take it
everyone meet luke rocco magnota aka “canadian cannibal”.
this strapping young snow wolf was a porn star.
not in any i’ve ever watched,
but he did a few low budet foXXXs for his “career”.
well he has a fetish for body parts.
i mean any porn actor does,
well his fetish is a tad…

sadly his ex boyfriend learned just how much he liked them…

Canada Crime MagnottaA jury found a Canadian man guilty on Tuesday of killing and dismembering his Chinese lover and mailing the body parts to schools and political parties around the country.

Luka Magnotta was convicted of first-degree murder in the 2012 slaying of Jun Lin after eight days of jury deliberations. He was also convicted on the four other related charges.

Magnotta, 32, had pleaded not guilty. While he admitted to the slaying, he sought to be found not criminally responsible by reason of insanity. His lawyer argued he is schizophrenic and couldn’t tell right from wrong at the time of the slaying.

The prosecution countered the crime was both planned and deliberate and that Magnotta’s behavior and actions were not those of an insane person.

“I thought we had good evidence of premeditation,” said prosecutor Louis Bouthillier outside of the Montreal court house. “There was never a doubt the jury would find Magnotta guilty of first-degree murder.”

“(But) it’s always great as a prosecutor to hear the words guilty coming out of the jury at the end of the trial.”

A key piece of evidence for the prosecution was an email Magnotta sent to a British reporter of his macabre plan six months before the murder.

Reporter Alex West confronted Magnotta in London in December 2011 about cat killing videos he made that had created a stir online. Magnotta replied with an email that said cats were just the beginning.

“Next time you hear from me it will be in a movie I am producing, that will have some humans in it…” Magnotta wrote near the end of the email, sent Dec. 10, 2011.

Later in that message, he added: “Once you kill, and taste blood, its impossible to stop. The urge is just too strong not to continue.”

The case shocked Canadians and quickly gained international notoriety when body parts arrived at offices of Canada’s biggest political parties and a video appeared online that prosecutors say shows Magnotta stabbing and having sex with the dismembered corpse.

In May 2012, a package containing a severed foot was found at the headquarters of Canada’s ruling Conservative Party. That same day, a hand was discovered at a postal facility, in a package addressed to the Liberal Party of Canada.

Lin’s torso was found in a suitcase at a garbage dump outside Magnotta’s apartment building in Montreal. About a week later, the missing foot and hand were found, mailed to two schools in Vancouver.

Magnotta eventually was arrested in Berlin after an international manhunt.

tumblr_inline_n9z2zvxyi61s4kvmgwell i simply just can’t.
for once i have no words.
i’m glad that sick fuck has been detained,
but sadly,
there are more like him lurking the streets/online.
ready to prey on the innocent.
be careful with the people you let in your lives.
it could be new lovers or new friends.
the world is so crazy that you just don’t know anymore.
i always say people give red flags to their crazy.

american-horror-story-freak-show-airs-on-wednesday-night-at-10-pm-et-on-fxit just takes one thing to put a piece of a puzzle together.
don’t be afraid to ask questions and dig deep.

lowkey: thank you to the f-bi who sent me this story to share with everyone!

article found: abc7

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Would You Let Him Have Your Body Parts?”

  1. This is why you have to be careful on who you pick into your life, especially if he’s white cause I notice they are a little bit more mental. This one white dude has this thing for shit, poop and he wanted me to shit on him then use on lube. This is just part of the reason why I prefer to date men of African descent, just part I got many other stories about the gay white world.

    1. I know better than anyone from my job mental illness does NOT discriminate based on race.

      Recently, there was a story about a black man than cut up his baby’s mother and had her in the refrigerator for 10 weeks. No one noticed this woman was missing and he was gone to Mexico.

      Then with smoking kush becoming more and more common people should really be careful because that shit can make someone that’s perfectly normal turn psychotic.

    2. ^yeaaaahhhhh…
      crazy has no boundaries.
      there are plenty of blacks who have killed others gruesomely.
      hell ive posted some in past entries lin.

      irony has a way of showing you someone who ends up helping you is someone you thought negatively about.

  2. That was Jefferey Dahmer’s m.o as well. Mental illness goes unchecked because a lot of people don’t wanna admit they’re crazy. Black people have been suffering from mental illness for quite awhile. No one says anything because we’re supposed to “respect our elders.” *rolls eyes*

    I have a few crazy cousins that need to be locked up in a crazy house or on some type of medication. One of em was actually doing good when he was prescribed some meds. Of course he stopped taking them and went back to beating his girlfriend right after.

  3. i remember this story i think him and his boyfriend were together for a minute i dont think it was just a hookup…either way the video was disturbing when it first happened they had a link, and at first i thought it was just some made up story but that video was DEMONIC..gave me chills to see him killing his victim and etc…GOD people are sick

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