Would You Let Him Have Your Body Parts?

luka-rocco-magnotta-capturednaw he will take it
everyone meet luke rocco magnota aka “canadian cannibal”.
this strapping young snow wolf was a porn star.
not in any i’ve ever watched,
but he did a few low budet foXXXs for his “career”.
well he has a fetish for body parts.
i mean any porn actor does,
well his fetish is a tad…

sadly his ex boyfriend learned just how much he liked them…
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Ray Edwards Cheers Me Up In His Underwear

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 7.10.42 PMray edwards is a hunk of what id like to assume “good baller wolf meat”.
something that would cheer you up after feeling down.
well he sure did in this interesting pair of drawz…
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