Speaking of Crazy (Freak Show)

b3647e10-6d33-0132-4374-0ebc4eccb42fyes because ^that is crazy.
so i binged watched american horror story: freak show last night.
i read all the comments (thank you!) and decided to give it another shot.
wellllllll (potential spoilers)….

like how fuckin’ crazy did it get after that last episode i stopped?
i couldn’t go on after dell killed ma petite:

…but the season started picking the hell up!
they damn near killed off some major people.
no fucks to give either.
bam one was shot.
bam one didn’t see it coming.
i shed thug tears for pepper’s back story.
angela bassett stay having the best lines on this show.
elsa needs to die.
stanley needs to die.
dell needs to die.
maggie needs to die.
pepper’s sister and husband needs to die.
dandy needs to kill them all and then die.
i’ll be stickin’ around until the season finale.
i’m sold again so why not?!

lowkey: i had a feeling jimmy was gonna smash that bbw:


tumblr_ngyn51VIgc1tjydheo2_400…and “i almost bust a nut”.
like what?
“nut” in the 50s?
could he even get it inside?
jimmy and his lobster claws is bae.
i didn’t watch the other seasons of ahs.
and “horror house”.
i may need to watch those soon..

with my lights on.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Speaking of Crazy (Freak Show)”

  1. Yes Jamari, Asylum and Horror House were really good…. I actually liked Horror House better, but both good none the less.

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