Speaking of Crazy (Freak Show)

b3647e10-6d33-0132-4374-0ebc4eccb42fyes because ^that is crazy.
so i binged watched american horror story: freak show last night.
i read all the comments (thank you!) and decided to give it another shot.
wellllllll (potential spoilers)….
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When My Eyes Turn White and My Tongue Sticks Out (RUN!)

tumblr_mz5g3jpd6e1qkxw76o3_500 tumblr_mz5g3jpd6e1qkxw76o2_500“papa.
papa no.
don’t take my bay bay.
please papa.”

so learning that wild banshee scream is on the top of my “to do” list.

imagine doing that while giving head?
anyway last night american horror story: coven returned.
for those who watched,
wasn’t that some fine feathered fuckery or was it not?
madison: wtf?
misty: um?
marie and fiona: aww hell naw!
that’s all i got.
i wish this season could go on forever and ever.

x watch last night’s episode here