When My Eyes Turn White and My Tongue Sticks Out (RUN!)

tumblr_mz5g3jpd6e1qkxw76o3_500 tumblr_mz5g3jpd6e1qkxw76o2_500“papa.
papa no.
don’t take my bay bay.
please papa.”

so learning that wild banshee scream is on the top of my “to do” list.

imagine doing that while giving head?
anyway last night american horror story: coven returned.
for those who watched,
wasn’t that some fine feathered fuckery or was it not?
madison: wtf?
misty: um?
marie and fiona: aww hell naw!
that’s all i got.
i wish this season could go on forever and ever.

x watch last night’s episode here

Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “When My Eyes Turn White and My Tongue Sticks Out (RUN!)”

  1. I had to laugh at how quickly Nan’s you know what went.It all happened within a minute.The creepy look she was giving them when walking off with Papa, you know she’s gonna get Fiona and Marie.I don’t really miss Queenie that much but they could use her for the upcoming witch-hunter war.Like someone else mentioned on a message board, Marie and Fiona are no different than the witch-hunters themselves.They kill witches just as much as the hunters do.

  2. Isn’t Misty supposed to appear when someone or something dies? Apparently not for niggas!
    They built Nan up and got her all hyped just to kill her off. Ugh.
    So a bunch of niggas, the black witch, and the disabled witch are all dead and we left with the abled white girls. Smh.
    That thing that Marie and Fiona did with the mice and the maze was off the chain though. voodoo and magic ain’t nothin to play with!

    1. I notice that too. White women are praised like Goddesses even tho they are the weakest link. Yea I love the scene with the maze too that was mad cool and made me think I wanna something like that to teach somebody a lesson.

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