So I Watched AHS: Hotel and Well…

tumblr_nkc99hwLyL1tnko2io1_500okay so i watched both episodes of “ahs: hotel”.
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I May Leave The Freak Show Early (I’ll Stay If U R)

freak-show-footare we still watching this freak show?
i will admit i stopped at episode where they killed that cute midget.
that kind of pissed me off,
but i feel like it going nowhere.
its def not like coven,
plus i can’t take anymore singing.
ryan this is not glee.
i wanted to start binge watching tonight,
but is it worth it to continue?

I Didn’t Sign Up For This!

i didn’t sign up for that.
that creepy ass clown in #ahsfreakshow.
i don’t do clowns!
all this time i thought it was premiering next week.
i decided to watch it just now and i’m SCARED!
every light is on in my crib.
i will probably sleep the same way.
bedroom door locked.
the club next to my bed.
i’m not even playing.
why ain’t no one tell me this season started off so damn scary?

x watch first episode here

You Are A Horror Story and a Freak Show


you smell that?
well besides you cuttin’ the cheese…
its the nice crisp smell of the fall season.
the fall tv season that is.
i’m excited for “scandal” sans harrison,
“the walking dead” trapped with the hannibal lectors,
and “revenge” with amanda’s father to make their returns.
i’m also adding “how to get away with murder”and “gotham” to my line up.
i might even watch that new tyler perry “desperate housewives” knock off.
how could i forget “american horror story: freak show” as well?
they just released the trailer and well…
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