You Are A Horror Story and a Freak Show


you smell that?
well besides you cuttin’ the cheese…
its the nice crisp smell of the fall season.
the fall tv season that is.
i’m excited for “scandal” sans harrison,
“the walking dead” trapped with the hannibal lectors,
and “revenge” with amanda’s father to make their returns.
i’m also adding “how to get away with murder”and “gotham” to my line up.
i might even watch that new tyler perry “desperate housewives” knock off.
how could i forget “american horror story: freak show” as well?
they just released the trailer and well…






10a04d5741724ff3cff0a55d0ad90fda*chants to the fox gods*
my dvr for it!
everyone from the “coven” cast is returning,
although this is jessica lange’s last season.
i know.
she the veteran too.
patti labelle and francis conroy are new additions to the madness.
the freak show comes to your television screen october 8th on fx.
lowkey: there are even some teasers:

i hope this season is better than “coven”.
i’m not even interested in “glee” this year.
that show has been ruined.

teaser videos found: fx networks

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “You Are A Horror Story and a Freak Show

  1. I definitely can’t wait for scandal and how to get away with murder. I probably will watch Tyler’s show, he makes the story lines interesting. Plus, I want to see Denzel Wells.

  2. I can’t wait for all of that. I really wished they had make a Coven spinoff. I would’ve watched even without Jessica Lange and Auntie Angie

  3. Angela Basset is so Beautiful(she is long overdue for a cosmetics contract). The way she looked was one the best things about last season of AHS. They dropped the ball with that storyline tho. It could have been heart stopping. I also love Frances Conroy. She’s been in all season. She really did the job in Season 1 and season 3.

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