Daddy Lift Me Up and Take Me Higher

oprah-winfreys-quotes-7i love oprah winfrey.
she always says things that inspire me.
with her vast array of quotes,
this is one mantra i always try to follow:

“surround yourself with people who take you higher.”

that was my main goal at #nyfw last week…

you can’t have a solid relationships with people who are messy.

tumblr_m91fn7r6at1r15tyqthose things will start to rub off on you.
we can’t escape ratchet people in your lives.
hell we are all a little ratchet inside us.
there are times you need to call up your ratchet friends and have some fun.
i like to do it twice a year.
it’s people who have constant problems,
can’t keep friends,
and just negative in every sense of the word should always be avoided.
they will only bring you stress and strife sooner than later.

you do have the ability to pick and choose who you associate with.
it’s always best you surround yourself with where you are trying to go.
i always surround myself with people who are stronger than me.
i am attracted to strength.
i also love people who break rules and have no more fucks.
people who have goals,
accomplished goals,
or on the way to obtaining their dreams.
they will drop gems on what you need to do to get where you need to be.
well unless they are completely insecure then…
tumblr_n2k0k77Jlp1r5spg1o1_400well you are just outta luck.
is your goal is to be in a relationship?
try seeking out people who have/had successful relationships.
you want to be a star?
well you need to align yourself with people who work within the industry.
trying to start a business?
those people teach you important tools for you to go higher.
millionairesand billionaires?
find those who how to make money work for them.
you always need cheerleaders and “big deals” to cosign your existence.

so go into relationship you meet with an objective to learn something.
even your haters have good advice.
without people to hate on you,
you wouldn’t realize your own strength.
if someone is going around telling people your breath be stankin.
then it’s probably stankin.
if they didn’t say it,
you would never realize you walkin around violating people’s nostrils.
always find the constructive criticism.
now some people are flat out rude as fuck,
and some can be straight up liars,
but you can become a be a better person within the slander.
just don’t call them your friends.
if you hang with people who like to back stab,
hoe around aimlessly,
or out people…
what do you think will happen to you sooner than later?

“when you wallow with pigs…PPrize

well you know the rest.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Daddy Lift Me Up and Take Me Higher”

  1. Easier said than done. A lot of undercover jackals are out there. Some aren’t jackals yet but slowly become jackals overtime. It was always in them but the circumstances never allowed it to see light. Sad thing is, jackals are good at making friends because most of them are outgoing extroverted people. Unless you can read minds and/or people well, you’re gonna get caught up with a pack of jackals at some point. Some people have it even worse because their superiors are jackals. They’re good at smiling in your face like a Hyena laughing as it kills you and consumes your corpse. Plus, some people are just fake as fuck. That includes people who are in so called successful relationships. And I know all about the music industry and how shady it can be. I think success has more to do with not only who you know but also meeting the right person at the right time.

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