dandyi hate ^him.
that is all.

lowkey: my #ahhfreakshow watchers know what i’m talmbout.
…and what about the damn clown’s mouth?
i can’t.
definitely sleeping with my lights on tonight.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “NO HE DIDN’T KILL AUNT PATTI!!”

  1. My best friend and I stayed on the phone together watching this tonight. She was like “he about to kill her because she keep shading his ass” and the next thing u know he sliced her throat. Yoo but Aunt patti was pure comedy on the show she went in “Give this plate to your mama. You don’t scare me you stupid ass white boy”. I was fucking crying. Tonight ep picked up nicely, I was worried cus we were off to a rough start. But I heard that patti was supposed to play gabourey’s mom so maybe she’ll come back. U never know!

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