So I Watched AHS: Hotel and Well…

tumblr_nkc99hwLyL1tnko2io1_500okay so i watched both episodes of “ahs: hotel”.

that shit was kinda scary.
the gore was no joke either.
i do feel like there are a lot of random story lines.
some of it is kinda confusing.
hell i don’t have a particular grasp on the plot as of yet.
just a lot of grotesque ways to kill a muthafucka.
i just know its about:

saw/the shining/some other horror flicks

a missing cub
some off the wall sex scenes
lady gaga making her comeback
matt bromer on my radar of sexy snow wolves

i’m going to continue watching it tho.
i’m waiting for the “ryan murphy” twist that makes no sense.
i hope he proves me wrong.

lowkey: did that wolf not fuck the hell out gaga in that tub?

Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on “So I Watched AHS: Hotel and Well…”

  1. I’m gonna try give it a shot this week, shit between all the other shows I watch and being Mary Jane coming back this week I hope I can stay afloat.

    P.S. Yeah Matt Bromer has always been fine and he’s gay so win win.

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