520x600 i loved that phrase on the walking dead tonight.
jss = just survive somehow”
it was enid’s mantra for survival in a post apocalyptic world,
but who knew it was also a major life quote as well.
aside from that…

carol was ah-mazing tonight.
she is the most developed and bad ass character on the show.
the way she took control with the wolves>>>>
not my wolves.
the “kill everyone who doesn’t look like they bathe” wolves.
episode as a whole was awesome.tumblr_inline_nl7xq5v6L01rpumh4i’m excited for next week!

lowkey: carol killed me when she shot that black dude.
morgan and “that preachin idiot” listening to his crazy babbling.
carol had absolutely no fucks to give about his life.
and how smart was she to dress up like one of the wolves?
carol for president in 2020!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “JSS”

  1. Awesome freaking episode. Hope they keep it up. Glad I can get excited about this show…because EMPIRE sure as hell ain’t doing it for me this season.

  2. Carol showed how it’s supposed to be done! Morgan pissed me off because these people were trying to KILL him…and all he wanted to do was knock them out?! WTF?! You hack up my peeps, I’m damn sure gonna do the same to you…with no qualms about it.
    I love this show. Six seasons in and it gets more intriguing. I think the mid-season finale is gonna be a showdown with the Wolves, with the Walkers surrounding the settlement.

  3. That was The. Best. Walking Dead. Episode. Ever! Carol did her thing. Morgan? WTF? Why do they always make the black male characters weak? He should have been whipping ass and killing those psychotic wolves and taking no prisoners!

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