we were drafted into a war and didn’t even realize it

black males vs black vixens vs blac gays vs black trans
democrats vs republicans
the far left vs the far right
the incels vs everyone
lgbtq+ vs everyone+
straight white males vs common sense of those underneath
nicki stans vs cardi stans
some of you vs some of me
everything and everyone vs everything and everyone


it’s like everyone is fuckin’ angry or jaded all the time.
there has been a war happening within the united states.
the entire country is divided and those who aren’t,
they are sitting back on social media watching this all play out.
many are egging it on and want to see the world burn.
i’ve been thinking about the current state of things and i’m wondering…

Does everyone need a reset?

…because the aliens don’t seem to be coming.
the christians lied about armageddon so stop listening to them.
they have been crying about armageddon since forever ago.
so i think we need to put in effort in trying to fix all of this but…

How do we fix a society that has gotten comfortable with our bitterness and anger?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

One thought on “we were drafted into a war and didn’t even realize it”

  1. We can work on stopping division. This is programming and exploitation of vulnerability, future faking, blame, shame, anxiety, fear, helplessness, and hopelessness.

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