i had no business looking at these bey tour videos today

one of my biggest issues in life is feeling fomo.
it stems from my childhood.
being last to be picked in gym class,
not feeling noticed by my family,
and just never feeling like i belong or accepted anywhere.

FOMO or Fear of missing out feels like you are missing something that will make you feel like you belong or are complete.

…but do we really feel complete if we are still feeling empty inside?
i cannot afford bey this year.
she got cut for other priorities i got going on.
i’m in that weird “in between blessings” transition period.
i really wanted to go and when i saw all of these videos on twitter


everyone i know is going to her concert in jersey at the end of july.
i’m already feeling the fomo hard and its only may.


lowkey: wtf did i wake up to today?
i am feeling all the emotions of “less than”.
i was feeling so good yesterday but of course,
the test came and i failed.

4 thoughts on “i had no business looking at these bey tour videos today

  1. Ppl are nuts you can’t see a damn thing at the concert unless you in the 5k seats. I saw some concert footage of her singing dangerously in love she looked like a ant on the stage I had to squint just to see her absolutely ridiculous

  2. I saw Beyoncé with Destiny’s Child on their “last” tour and it’s a moment that I’ll treasure for life because all 3 of them delivered and then some. I’m NEVER paying rent to go see anybody in concert. Sorry not sorry but either she will release concert footage that I will enjoy or I’ll live vicariously through her fans footage. Until her ticket prices are more reasonable then fomo or no fomo, my ass can’t sensibly pay that much money to somebody who is already rich af. But if Beyoncé is THAT important to you then please go and make it an entire moment!!

    1. ^ yeah her tickets were kinda crazy for the jersey leg.
      i was like wowzers.
      for a good seat,
      it was well into the 100s.
      def can’t do it this album era.

      1. Jamari
        You will be grateful in the end that you didn’t go. You are being protected from danger by not making that voyage. What you already posted is free of charge, enjoy!!!!❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️

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