so how are ya’ll high hopes for chrisean rock going? still keeping positive about it?

i was just talking to someone the other day about dating comfortably.
we end up in really horrible situations because we get comfortable.
we know we need to leave but we have already invested so much.

We have to be pushed out like ol girl in that one Tyler Perry movie.

does ^this type of shit really happen tho?
i loved how everyone had high hopes for chrisean rock.
i saw everyone on twitter rooting for her when they broke up.
it was interesting how spiritual twitter was rooting the hardest.

“The spiritual guides are telling you from the ancestral planes that you can do better Chrisean!
This is your chance to run!
Our ancestors are guiding you to the exit!
Run, child, run!”

i guess the cards didn’t show them her return back to the filth.

i knew she wasn’t going anywhere because she was comfortable.
i’ve seen this play out one too many times.
it’s ghetto love shit.
in the latest “blueface continues to show you“,
he let it be known he doesn’t want that kid they are about to have


in my head,
blueface does not like her.
he tolerates her because he is comfortable.
he knows he can abuse her and she’ll come right back.
she thought he’d love her if she brought a kid into this world.

How many times has that worked for anyone?

that jackal keeps on telling and showing her he doesn’t want her.
she keeps on showing that she is hard of hearing.
this is all sad.

lowkey: don’t let someone get to the point they gotta show you they hate you.

3 thoughts on “so how are ya’ll high hopes for chrisean rock going? still keeping positive about it?

  1. These two are just tragic he need to move away from her she is scary like cut you up on your sleep crazy smdh
    That TP scene is so….kids???? YES BITXG KIDS 😂

  2. The spiritual stench from this guy and the energy emitting from him is what I smell. It is worse than dog shit and rotten skunk carcass.
    There is hope she will escape, and she will. He will regret his treatment of her: wait and see! She will flourish and rise like yeast in the dough.

    1. She not going anywhere. She thought a baby would keep him around, like so many foolish young girls do.
      She needs better role models in her life. But first she needs to pick up a book, because she seems like she isn’t very smart and outside of the TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and whatever other social media communities she may be a part of…she doesn’t have a chance in hell going for her. I hope she proves otherwise, but if this guy is telling you he don’t want you and/or your kid, for ALL THE WORLD TO SEE, you need to better yourself and keep it moving.

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