katy perry liked kate middleton’s wedding dress and we NEED to drag her

i want people to continue bullying others for their opinions on things.
i want people to continue making people scared to say what they feel.

When some real shit goes down,
they will see how they should have let people just be honest.
While these folks are pretending to be on their side,
they are secretly working and voting against them.
See -> all the white women who voted for Trump secretly in 2020.
( x see here )

people are upset because in 2018,
please keep in mind it’s 2023,
that katy perry said something in cosign over kate vs meghan…

and all of this drama ensued in the thread:

im gonna font a controversial statement but:

I need people to stop being dweebs under the guise of stan culture.

who really gaf what katy perry likes?
she didn’t say anything disrespectful about meghan.
she simply said she liked one dress better.
what does racism have to do with her liking a wedding dress?
and even if she doesn’t care for meghan markle…

Is she supposed to?

there are a lot of regular people who don’t care or even like meghan.
are they getting dragged too?

Instead of talking about what she said in 2018,
let’s talk about Russia nuking the United States with China’s cosign.

get your lives together.

lowkey: my last takeaway is i’m glad she isn’t rockin that blonde hair anymore.
she looked like a power lesbian.

4 thoughts on “katy perry liked kate middleton’s wedding dress and we NEED to drag her

  1. i love Meghan and couldn’t care less about Kate but let’s be real and objective between the two wedding dresses Kate’s is actually nicer, so i don’t get the Katy Perry bashing solely based on this remark.

  2. I’m still trying to figure out how the hell she is a vocal judge on a show where most of the contestants put her to shame.

    1. The same shoe that had Paula Abdul and Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj as Vocal coaches?

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