janay needs to get her son and put derwin davis in rehab ASAP

i read a disturbing story today.
it was about derwin davis from “the game”
aka pooch hall,
and i’m shocked at how far he has fallen.
it seems derwin isa heavy alcoholic lacking common sense.
he was shit faced drunk behind the wheel with his 2 year old driving.
i kid you not.
i’m so confused at this…

Ray Donovan” actor Marion “Pooch” Hall was arrested Wednesday night for DUI and felony child endangerment, after allegedly letting his 2-year-old son drive because he was too wasted to steer.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Hall, who plays Daryll, was driving in Burbank at around 7:30 PM when witnesses called 911 after seeing the toddler in his lap holding the steering wheel. 

We’re told the witnesses were horrified to watch the car veer off and smash into a parked car. Thankfully, there were no injuries. One eyewitness tells us he saw the child crying in the front seat. The eyewitness says he looked in the window and the car seat was just laying among the junk in the back seat. It was not installed.

We’re told when police came they smelled a strong odor of alcohol and Hall could barely walk. His blood alcohol level … .25 — more than 3 times the legal limit.

Hall was cuffed and taken to jail, where he remains on $100,000 bail.

As for his son … he was released into his wife’s custody.

brilliant decisions everywhere!
hi5 for everyone involved!

if i was “janay”,
he wouldn’t be seeing that cub again.
what if he crashed and that cub died?
or he hit someone(s) and they died?
and why was he drinking while with a baby?
i have so much questions.
that is so reckless that i still can’t believe it.
i’m wondering…

Will they fire him from “Ray Donovan?”

…because this doesn’t look good,
like at all.
whatever derwin is going through,
i’ll need it extinguished with rehab and therapy.

article cc: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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