shawn mendes is scared to have ya’ll think he’s gay

one thing that use to bother me was people thinking i was gay.
the fear stemmed from my parents being so judgmental.
i’ve fonted about it before.
they raised me to be “softer” and then hated how i came out.
one thing i had to realize tho…
when you put so much emphasis on not looking/acting gay,
you actually end up looking/acting gay.
i think that’s the dilemma shawn mendes is facing.
in the latest “rolling stone”,
where he happens to grace the cover

he spoke about his fears of people thinking he is gay.
something many of us can relate with.
this is what he said via “usa today”
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i don’t like looking dehydrated in ig comments

i don’t like commenting on certain wolves igs,
especially ones i’ve fonted about.
i don’t “do” dehydrated.
i’ve commented on shit before,
to like tremaine or bk brandon,
but it’s never on some:

“i want your pipe in my mouth”

…type of time.
i try to be respectful and have boundaries on other’s pages.
i might be the only one.
so today,
i saw a screen recording from shawn mendes ig.
he was recording live,
but i don’t know if it was recent or old.
a make up youtuber,
by the name of james charles,
left a comment…

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