i get the shawn mendes appeal these days

i’m not into shawn mendes music but i get the appeal.
i had to realize that because i’m not into him doesn’t mean others aren’t.
if he was gay or bi,
he is a majority of the ideal black wolves’ dream tbh.
you know some black males love his type of white fox to deal with.

Lean bawdy

Looks like he could keep a secret
Probably got “that good”
Can use him to be accepted into white spaces

he could be all those things and black but,
you know how it goes.

i saw all the white gays drooling over his new tommy commercial

this was his calvin klein commercial:

and flaunt:

so i get it.
ya’ll act like the “max konnor” types wouldn’t eat him alive.
funny enough,
he is the type many would assume is gay but is actually straight.
i mean he was in a long-term relationship with camilla collaboration.
i mean that doesn’t mean anything these days but…

lowkey: is he technically spanish?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “i get the shawn mendes appeal these days”

  1. I’m hollering at you calling her Camilla collaboration 🤣 😂 I also agree with you regarding him. Not my cup of tea but he’s definitely someone’s preference, especially those ‘white only” Black gays.

      1. That part(Smile) .

        It is what is is. I can’t get mad at the other side of the coin either.

      2. No, you’re not. Far from it. I just think many people have been hurt by other blacks and figure they can find their relationship fortune in lighter skinned individuals. Others just like feeling othered and fighting for equality in white spaces.

        Like you, I just can’t do it either.

  2. There’s something about him I can’t put my finger on. Never the less He’s nice to look at.

  3. His look is based on his youth. Once the ultra high metabolism is gone and maintaining the lean body relies on fitness, will he stay natural looking or turn to leather skin?

  4. Ehh! He doesn’t appeal to me either. I need a white man with some body and strong features like Mathew McConnauhey or Anderson Cooper. I prefer a nice Greek or Italian white man. Do we consider Moroccan or Turkish men white? This boy look so damn nondescript and boring.

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