the foxhole fav that i feel empathy for

chadoy leon.
a foxhole fav who was a tumblr fav years ago.
a few years ago,
he lost his brother in a very tragic way.
ive noticed something about chadoy that a foxholer picked up on too…

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So I Know We Aren’t Suppose To Like Chadoy Leon But…


…can we just love chadoy leon’s bawdy instead?
his bawdy is perfect.
even tho chadoy has hyena tendencies,
i wouldn’t mind a “cuff season” wolf with this “look”.
we can go back to not liking chadoy now.

lowkey: i guess he tole us about his legs.

picture credited: instagram

Your Hunger For Penis Has You Looking OD In These Streets

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 3.37.47 PMsome of the forest dwellers are doing it again.
some have been hounding chadoy leon real heavy.
he put on snapchat along the lines of disrespectful emails in his inbox.
he does the whole “personal training” thing,
but it seems some are fiending for his “sexual services”.
he did say in a message he put up about it:

“no disrespect to the gays”

…so i guess that’s a good start on his alleged “homophobia”.
the arrogant wolf,
“young baggy” aka “baggy large” said…
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Chadoy Leon Puts The “P” In…

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 7.51.18 PManother jamaican wolf…
i remember when chadoy leon was way too big.
even tho i love “thing” from fantastic four,
i don’t fantasize about him fuckin’ me.
although i did wonder if his pipe was rock too.
well chadoy has dropped all that weight and now looks like this…
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Chadoy Leon Is Not A Whole Lotta Wolf (Anymore)

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.16.54 PMlet’s talk about the new chadoy leon.
*sips wine*
you know i hated…
when he was out here looking like “the thing” from fantastic four.
he looked like he was permanently taking a deep breath.
one of the reasons i stopped writing about him.
well as a foxhole fav,
i’m always down for an update.
check out the new bawdy…
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