Jeff Logan Looking Better In These Social Media Forests

i been watching a lot of jeff logan recently.
i’ve come to a basic conclusion

jeff logan has more star quality than chadoy leon

the thing is,
jeff logan appears to be more cultured.
he also appears to nicer and has a personality.
there is a time and place,
especially as a business wolf and brand,
to be ratchet.


…on the other hand,
comes off like an asshole.
he also acts like a spoiled brat.
he is always going off about something.
he pissed me off on snap last week.
he was listening to “sorry” from beyonce and gonna say:

“i don’t listen to bitches but this song is wavy g”

i’m like,
your potential clients could be potential “bitches”.
in branding,
you don’t say shit like that.
chadoy is also always going off on gays who add him too.
God forbid you hit on him.
instead of just ignoring or blocking,
he goes into these tirades.
gays like to spend money on their bodies.
that is a quick way to burn bridges.

the two are like apples and oranges.
one is a mature and the other immature.
i prefer jeff because he seems more personable.
i like that in a wolf.
i also like one who knows how to utilize his social media to show his personality.
jeff wins by a long shot.
just my observation on the two.
since jeff gets the award for being good meat (until proven guilty):



tell him the foxhole sent ya.
as for chadoy,
he needs to get his shit together and grow up.
you can tell him jamari fox said that.

lowkey: i would LOVE to re work chadoy’s brand.
that muthafucka would be a brand new wolf.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Jeff Logan Looking Better In These Social Media Forests

  1. Damn it Jamari, you are bringing it with the wolves. I have been checking for Jeff for the last two years. I’m liking his growth he is grinding out here, I hope he continues to grow his brand as for Chadoy boy please you are a cornball.

  2. idk who “chadoy” is, but if he goes on tirades about gay men and women (and/or is just an asshole period), then do yourselves a favour and stop following him, reading him, liking him etc. Boycott his ass hard. Even bad attention is beneficial for people like him so don’t even give him the pleasure.

    I hate seeing people feeding their egos, and then they use that attention to attack the whole community. I don’t care how thirsty or disrespectful the gay person was, if you do nothing but post thirst-bucket photos of yourself online and have the time (and the gall) to reply to every person that doesn’t suit your narrative, and use blanket statements to disrespect people, you are literally nothing, a failure, just a shell of a human being to be gawked at, (if even) and I don’t know why any self-respecting person of that group would even blink in their direction.

    I am SO not a fan of these “muscle-heads” with some sort of self-entitled superiority complex (which is probably more accurately an inferiority complex) who act as if they deserve some sort of medal for being “attractive’ or “muscular” or whatever it is.If you can’t handle the heat, get OUT of the kitchen! For men praised for their strength, they sure are WEAK! I love muscles, but I’m pretty apprehensive about guys with muscles, I feel like I’d rather date a normal guy with a brain, seems like most of these guys squeezed out the juices in their brains to fuel their muscles.

    I’m not a woman but: “I don’t listen to bitches…”???? Wtf is that shit? I would have been done right then and there. That doesn’t affect me, but an asshole is an asshole, and I refuse to support one.

    P.s quietly blocking people is just one click away, so there’s no excuse for these tantrums!

    He’s an idiot. Idiots seem to becoming trendy.

  3. Never ever saw the hype with the Chadoy Leon dude, just not attractive to me at all but hey somebody might like it. Dignified you hit the nail on the head, these dudes let social media blow them up and they do believe that they deserve some type of medal and they believe they are more special than anybody else, 99 percent of them have extreme Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Any of us can achieve these bodies we lust over and trust me when I tell you most of these dudes cheat to get to be the top attentionista beware of those perfect bodies there are many secrets behind them that are not so pretty. I think many of them think they are going to ride the social media train forever into the sunset, trust me the hype will be over real soon for many of them as it is a new pretty boy ready to take their place daily. Both of these dudes have way too many tattoos for me to take them serious, but this Jeff Logan dude looks way better than CL IMO.

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