Is This What Dominicans Looking Like Nowadays?

dominicans are a special type of hispanic.
i find some of them to be sexier than ricans.
not all.

they always look so strong.
their upper bawdies>>>>
well check out this dominican workout warrior wolf my foxholer sent me.
he goes by the name “dominican hard fit”.
well that sounds promising

the fact that he is handsome,
his bawdy is on point,
and he can speak another language while fuckin’ me like an animal…

this may sound stupid,
but he doesn’t even look like a typical dominican wolf.
he definitely has black features.
i’m sure his kin folk always remind him of that as well.
he can cum right over here.
i’ll take care of him.

lowkey: doesn’t he look like the disney hercules cartoon character?

pictures and videos taken: instagram

23 thoughts on “Is This What Dominicans Looking Like Nowadays?

  1. Many light and dark skin Dominicans ARE of AFRICAN decent, although, sadly, some don’t think so…that is a story for another day lol but, yeah, most Dominicans are of African decent which makes them extra sexy.

  2. He looks black because he is black lol, and Dominican.They do have a strong African ancestry in their blood so a lot of them have black blood in them, (mixed) while many of them being black.
    And yes, he can get it!

  3. Jamari you been on it with meat selection this month. I would hump, and bathe this man every night, and would never get tired of it.

  4. I spent a month in the Dominican Republic the summer after my freshman year at Morehouse. I went for school; we were in class for 6 hours a day for the 1st three weeks and 3 hour a day the last week. We lived with individual families near the University in Santiago, and we traveled to a different city every weekend.

    In four cities over four months, I saw maybe 5 unattractive people, male or female. They are one of the most perfect blends of indigenous, African and Spanish peoples I have encountered. They come in all colors just like Americans of African descent, and they are almost inherently sexyl and super nice. The families we lived with only asked to be compensated for the power and utilities that we used. They genuinely wanted to house American students to expose them to the full culture.

    It was an amazing experience. And very cost effective. I took $300 with me, we went out every night (clubbing, drinking, movies, dinner) for four weeks, I bought gifts for 10+ friends and family, and I came back with $12!!!!

    1. Had a chance to go to the Dominican and I concur about how beautiful the people there are, both male and female. I hope you will share more of your adventures while you where there, I bet you have some good stories to tell if you were able to get off of the tourist track and see the real island.

    2. God I would love to go there! The culture and the history, the language, the accent (and the MEN WHOOO! Puerto Rico gets an honourable mention too, they’re both beautiful)

  5. me either, he doesn’t have those facial characteristics, I wouldn’t have guessed he was an islander. He reminds me allot of that muscular dude Infinitynokia that do half naked poses in his office when everybody is gone, damn.

  6. Boyfriend goals. Dear God, please sent something like this my way when I’m ready to receive him. Amen……..

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