So I Guess Kanye Is Performing At The Inauguration?

well it has happened.
kanye west has officially gone bat shit crazy.
this was the talk at work today.

“omg everyone check out the news…”

i’m thinking something serious happened.

“kanye just met with donald trump at trump towers”

all i could do was shake my head.
i was reaching for my bag in case i had to run out of ther.
well this is the video i saw via c-span

even donald trump is looking at him like he is crazy.
the way how he marched in there like he was going to meet the ghost of michael jackson.
the way how he was standing with trump talmbout he was posing for a picture.

Does Kim and the Klan co-sign this behavior?

she can’t be cheering this on.
i guess from a pr standpoint it’s great press for all of them.
wasn’t she against trump during this election?
or is that my imagination?
i don’t see this ending well for kanye.
just look at his eyes via just jared:

it is a shame just how far he has fallen.
i feel his industry friends have given up on him too.
it’s like watching britney spears when she had her episodes:

back then,
every other day it was “something” with her.
well of course,
kanye answered all your questions of why he met with trump on twitter.
he states:

and then after:

ya know,
i have no doubt he would get votes.
donald trump is our next president.
anything is possible.

pictures credited: just jared

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “So I Guess Kanye Is Performing At The Inauguration?”

  1. Kanye West is an ass. Chris Brown is an asshole. There’s not much difference. And Kanye West is an anti-black, black hating racist to boot but so is Chris Brown.

  2. I’m so glad John Legend exposed Kanye and Trump today as a publicity stunt.

    If he performs at his inaguaration he better wear a bullet proof vest and cap

  3. Come thru House Mother Kanye in your Honey Blonde Chop looking like you ready to J-Sette and Ju Ju on the Beat-Werk Mother!

  4. I guess he has forgiven Trump for insulting his wife and sister in law. He body shamed Kim when she was pregnant with North and called Khloe a “fat piglet”,ugly ,etc when she was on Celebrity Apprentice.

    People Magazine is still claiming Kanye is living in a different home than his wife and kids for “medical reasons” so he can receive outpatient care.

    Isn’t it interesting that when Kanye said “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” Trump say he should be boycotted.Now Kanye is meeting with Trump who has white nationalists,white supremacist,KKK praising him.Trump who basically implied most black people live in the ghetto.SMH

    1. LMAO Yup! But “chump is the future doe”

      UGH! The sad thing is, I feel like this marks a global political shift. I’m seeing it here too. Instead of trying to fix the “problems with the left” everyone’s just going all the way to the right. Let’s see how that goes… I’m feeling the trembling of it here even though we just nominated a liberal. Pray for us!

  5. Did he take that approach with Obama? Kanye is going to be the mouthpiece or spokesperson in chump’s ear about “multiculturalism”? lol. I’m just going to stop there in regards to Kanye. It seems intelligence has left the building (or was it ever there in the first place?) when it comes to American politics (arguably politics in general)

    This is a really sad state of affairs. I’ve been saying for months now, that chump and his “racist”, sexist, and “bigoted” nonsense was never the real threat. A lot of people made the false assumption that just because chump wasn’t part of the “establishment politics” or “bought”, that his intentions or policies were more “honest” because it comes from him, and while a fraction of that may be true,(I’m still not buying .01 of any of it), the people that he would put into his cabinet and the Supreme Court have the REAL power to affect the everyday people’s lives. Those people are the very same people that I’m thinking the electorate voted against (Hillary Clinton and her ilk) but they are REPUBLICANS (Even WORSE)! So instead of voting AGAINST the establishment, they were put into even greater power. It’s the people he would put into power, but no one seems to think about that bit. Or maybe that’s what your country wants, idk. Or maybe I’m wrong, idk.

    Ah well, let’s see what happens. Good luck to us all.

  6. He is falling into the Kardashians plan. He is proving to the world how unstable he is, which in return will make people see that Kim had to get out of that marriage when she files for divorce. If he keeps the bizarre behavior going on she will file for divorce late Spring/Summer 2017 I guarantee that.

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