The New Wolf and His Dating Preference

ever so often,
i am shocked to find out that someone is gay or bisexual.
it moreso happens with males.
if feminine,
are usually shockers for me.
well today,
i was shocked and my ratchet side started plotting…

so we all got introduced to a new wolf who is joining the company.
i was so thankful that he happened to be sexy as hell.
6’1 and a caramel complected hunk of a wolf.
he looked like he spends a lot of time in the gym.
i could see his biceps through his shirt.
he also looks like a wide receiver on a football team.

just how i like em

well he had to shadow a snow bunny to learn certain aspects of his new position.
i won’t be working with him,
because he will be on another floor,
but i’m glad i’ll get to run into him in passing.

well after he left to go to another department,
i overheard the snow bunny speaking to another snow bunny.
that same wolf?
well is engaged to a male.
he is out and was telling her that they plan on getting married soon.

i nearly fell out my chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

although she was disappointed,
because i’m sure her ratchet side was plotting as well,
i was not.
he is like the other sexy one at my last company.
fine as hell and in a serious relationship with a male.
they took care of their bawdies,
weren’t stereotypical,
and everything that i like in a wolf.
usually wolves who have “that look” tend to be dl.
i’ve dealt with em.
you have too.
he is also a kappa and played basketball in college.
all the makings of:

…in an after work special.
ok i’m not a hoe.
i think.

lowkey: i keep forgetting about my last work situation-ship.
i also don’t want to break up happy homes.
God has such an interesting sense of humor in my life.

19 thoughts on “The New Wolf and His Dating Preference

  1. That GIF though…Lol!

    Oh how I miss the days of seeing eye candy at work. I actually got a new job a couple months ago myself. The job is not in the city like my last job and the company is smaller. Needless to say, there is not much to look at.

  2. Eh, call me a hoe, but I don’t take same sex marriages seriously.

    I’ve found that they are usually open whether one or both parties know it. Hell “married” couples have asked me to fuck both of them. Lol

    I have thot tendencies when my other personality takes over so don’t mind me lol

  3. The chances of randomly bumping into a fine man who fits all your physical attributes being single is rare as finding a Top in Atlanta. It just aint gonna happen, I have come to the conclusion that you have to find a work in progress, who is single and has potential. Many times these types that we lust after physically are so messed up in the head that in the long run they will do nothing but bring us down. J hold on, it is going to be someone you least suspect who is going to be the man of your dreams. Maybe this new company will have a new pool of boys to choose from LOL.

    1. OK I have a question that I have meaning to ask you guys.Tajan’s comment “rare as finding a Top in Atlanta” jogged my memory .Is it true that there are a lot more bottoms than tops ? If it is true what is your theory on why that is.I have read that comment on white gay sites also so I know it’s not unique to the Black gay community.I have a white acquaintance who claims ,from his experience,it’s like 25 percent tops,25 percent verse and 50 percent bottoms.

      Note:That is just one guy’s estimate

      I’m wondering is this a myth that people keep repeating or is it true.I think I’m going to Google this topic.Maybe there has been a research study on this😂

  4. Damn I guess he was too good to be true. Don’t you wish you could have been the first to be on his deck. Well, if the engagement is off, I hope he knows you play on his court. Jamari you seem to find potential at every job, now if you can catch them at the right opportunity.

  5. Jamari, leave him alone. That man is committed and will be married soon. I know you are going to be looking from afar tho lol.

  6. I smile when I hear stories like this. It breaks stereotypes that people may innocently have about the community.

    I think love is a beautiful thing and being in a committed relationship, straight or gay, is something that should be admired. Wish I had it.

    1. FashionandSvedka I wish I was in a relationship too, but our time is coming someone is out there for all of us, but I wish I could find him sooner than later. Jamari I think you should introduce yourself to the new wolf and build a friendship with him. You know wolves like him, have friends that are single and looking for someone.

      1. I’ve been in a situation and have had relations with a lot of guys, but nothing concrete. I’m 27 and if it comes, I will welcome it with open arms. If not, I have my work to focus on and bettering myself spiritually. If it doesn’t come for me, I will remain glad for those that do have it.

    2. FashionandSvedka, I’m 27 too and experienced everything you just wrote story of my life, but at this point in my life, I want someone who I can call my own. I met this guy when I was 23 and I let him get away, I regret it everyday and I think how my life would be right now if he was in it.

  7. I love your frank honesty!!!Its very very refreshing . This is why I follow you ( and your interesting take on things)

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