Chadoy Leon Puts The “P” In…

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 7.51.18 PManother jamaican wolf…
i remember when chadoy leon was way too big.
even tho i love “thing” from fantastic four,
i don’t fantasize about him fuckin’ me.
although i did wonder if his pipe was rock too.
well chadoy has dropped all that weight and now looks like this…


now that is the perfect wolf bawdy.
i like how determined he is.
gotta give him credit for his focus and work ethic.
keep it up chadoy!

lowkey: he had something up where he said:

“sleeping alone is wack”

i can relate.
i’d like to sleep under him and see how that feels.
God wasn’t fast enough.
chadoy is so handsome tho:

i guess “tanisha” knows better than i ever will.

pictures and video credited: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Chadoy Leon Puts The “P” In…”

  1. LOL…These kats need to work on their legs as much as they do their upper bodies and midsections!
    I hate seeing a nice body and then you get to the legs…and they’re skinnier than the rest of the body.
    Chadoy’s aren’t THAT skinny, but they do look like they aren’t worked out that much.

  2. He single now? What happened to his snow bunny? She was also fit like him..hmm 🤔

    “Hello from theeee other siiiiide”! *Adele Voice* 🤗

  3. Although attractive, this guy is a RAGING homophobe. If you’ve seen some of his comments on other peoples pages about gays?(ugh). I remember Suraqah posted a picture a few years ago thanking Funky Dineva for shouting him out, and her comes Chadoy in his comments ” You do know thats a fag bro?” that shit instantly turned me off. He is everything wrong with straight guys and homophobia. Please stop giving him life.

    1. Thank god I never gave him life in the first place LOL! I don’t see it for this one. Just another juiced up meathead who thinks he is God’s gift. Steven Beck used to shout him out & I always kept scrolling. His pics look so manufactured. And I’m muscular too but some of these guys really need to have some chill. They are just one Instagram hacker away from being a nobody. Chill

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