Chadoy Leon Is Not A Whole Lotta Wolf (Anymore)

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.16.54 PMlet’s talk about the new chadoy leon.
*sips wine*
you know i hated…
when he was out here looking like “the thing” from fantastic four.
he looked like he was permanently taking a deep breath.
one of the reasons i stopped writing about him.
well as a foxhole fav,
i’m always down for an update.
check out the new bawdy…

and of course,
some visual aids:

i love it.
i swear if that one wasn’t straight


i’d need an on the low pipe down.
his pecs and my paws>>>>

so i guess chadoy doesn’t plan on getting a job,
that big ass water lily tatt on his neck tho…

lowkey: this is my fav pics of chadoy…

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.24.18 PM


he is very handsome with a beautiful smile.
i’m sure some lucky vixen is lovin’ all that on top of her…

all pictures and videos credited to: chadoy leon

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Chadoy Leon Is Not A Whole Lotta Wolf (Anymore)

  1. Hmmm very interesting, I see somebody changed there supplement regimen. Body is very Steven Beck now, I see they are also IG friends, maybe they are working out together now. I thought maybe he was going to compete like Jaye Hardbody the reason he was getting so big. It something about his face in some of the pics that looks off though, I cant quite think of what it is, he doesnt look the same or something, maybe the weight gain then loss change his facial structure.

  2. I was a little worry tbh, but his new body looks GOOD!!! I bet he’s doing veganism because a lot bodybuilders going down that route now. Everywhere I go vegan, vegan, vegan, and I caught myself doing veganism, but I consider myself half-vegan because I love my chicken too much and chuletas tambien.

  3. Why would he fuck up his body with all of those tats?!! Like you said, J…guess he don’t plan on doing corporate, ever! LOL

    1. ^i can imagine hr seeing that dragon lily tat at an interview.
      he could be great and have all the skills to do the job…
      but that tat will stop him from getting the job.

    2. Most people, tattoos or not, do not fit in “corporate” America…if that was your yardstick for success, then wow…Chadoy owns his own business….he isn’t a slave-I mean employee….

  4. I’m sorry, that fact that he is a rabid homophobe completely turns me off, i dont care how his body looks. I remember When Suraqah posted a pic thanking Funky Dineva for shouting him out on his page, here comes his bitch ass commenting “Yo man, you know that was a fag who posted that.” If you seen that manly looking ass white bitch he was with, you’d think he’d be into trannies..ijs

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