Dwayne McKell Has Leakage For Our Review

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 7.30.35 PMdwayne mckell has done what most attentionistos need to do.
he hasn’t given his life to Christ.
that would be no fun.
instead of leaking a dick pic


dwayne has some alleged leakage he wants us to see.
the following is:



x 1

x 2

if that is dwayne,

he got a nice stroke on him.
i’m not even mad.
i always imagined he knew how to fuck.
it’s not like he got shit going on.

take selfies

fuck the pipe leakage.
lets see that attentionisto stroke!

53 thoughts on “Dwayne McKell Has Leakage For Our Review

  1. I’m a flesh hound for sure (I like nekkid bodies)…I also mourn for the fact that we reduce ourselves to our base nature for whatever reason. He, I and We have more value than this (soapbox collapses before I dismount).

    Long assed legs, tho! LOLOL

  2. He generating a lot of traffic. Might as well become a real port star and make some real money

  3. Maybe his dick wasn’t getting hard inside her because it would’ve Perferred to be inside a dude .πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

  4. Lmao. Well first of all he didn’t let his videos leak. He charged people $23($15 now) on connect pal for these weak ass videos. You can see every one that he posted for FREE on the twitter account @StillConnectin. Second of all, he’s fucking without a condom because he’s fucking his girlfriend Whitney (he doesn’t claim her) in all the videos. All of his videos are the same, he uses connect pal to rip people off with 25 sec-3 min videos. He’s not here to entertain, he’s here to make quick money to pay his bills, buy his daughter gifts, and spoil the girl he rarely claims.

  5. This whole no condom phase needs to really end smh. OAN: Someone posted the link to your page on his ig and was later erased, so I’m sure he knows the gay’s are was looking at that dick and azz lol.

  6. After reading the comments, I will pass on the video. If he was not able to get hard, then that is a serious problem. I am tired of these people trying to showcase their skills when they are not even ready to perform.

  7. I’m like who is this guy, I have seen him on Tumblr a few times, but I’m not impressed his dick game is weak af, Mr. Can’t get it up need too to take a few lesson from these guy’s on Tumblr but nice meet tho ijs.

    1. From what I see…I agree, his dick was flaccid ,his “stroke” wasn’t at all impressive. Watching the vid I felt like I was watching a bottom attempt to have sex with a girl. It was uncomfortable ,the sounds he was making was that of a 2 gay men having sex. Erectile Dysfunction is clearly real..I tried to be into it but apparently it didn’t work.
      Dude is late ,I at least thought I would get hardπŸ˜‚ I didn’t though

      1. lol, ya’ll doing the Team Too Damn Much with this vid. He probably wasn’t even turned on. Prime example on why not everybody can be a pornstar, even if they have a big dick.

  8. To me he didn’t seem to be all into it. Had a soft unprotected dick. Then when he was giving her head it look uncomfortable.

  9. I never ate pussy in my life. But that had to be wrong and boring. And he even try to hard while fucking. Looking back in the camera. Lame AF

  10. I couldn’t watch that sloppy box-eating video for more than 10 seconds lol *cringe*
    To each their own I guess

  11. I have questions, Jamari, and I didn’t want to e-mail you when you or someone else could just as easily answer them here.

    1) Did he really leak his own nudes, or did someone leak them?
    2) Why does this video look like a “gay for pay” video? It’s like he was making sure to get his ass in the video and was uncomfortable.
    3) I hope this is his current gf or someone will be in the dog house lol.

    Thanks for posting. πŸ™‚

    1. 1) He normally leaks and releases his own videos on snapchat, insta and connectpal. So it’s safe to assume that he leaked these vids hmself or at the very least he uploaded them to connectpal and someone got it from there and posted it outside

      2) I think you’re reading into it a bit much, most of the time a guy’s ass is gonna show in a sextape if the camera is recording from the back/side angle. If he really wanted to show his ass he could have easily put up his other leg which would have provided a better view. He probably is uncomfortable simply because he ain’t used to fucking on cam, he usually just posts his dumb thirst traps. Maybe he wasn’t feeling the chick, who knows?

      3) The body looks like his girlfriend’s, he wouldn’t post this with some random and risk his girlfriend seeing it.

      1. He showed his ass on purpose. He has gay subscribers on his connect pal that requested him to show his ass and he did it. & his girlfriend Whitney doesn’t want to be filmed but he’s the only girl he chooses to fuck so he has to make do with what she offers which isn’t much. He’s been doing this for months now.

  12. Finally. lol. It was only a matter of time. I’m lowkey trying to save it to my phone but I can’t. lmao

    1. So who is he? What’s his claim to his 15 minutes of fame..have never heard of him.

    2. Go on @StillConnectin on twitter and get the Dropbox links to all his videos. You can save them from there

  13. Is he just famous for being an attention-whore? Or is he a baller or rapper? I am so confused right now. I have seen him on Tumblr many times but never bothered to find out who he was. I must have missed this attentionista, the field is so crowded so it is easy to do, but good luck to him never the less.

    1. Up here releasing half assed sex videos for free because he’s so self absorbed but he probably works at your local radio shack IF he has a job at all.

      This may give all his tumblr stans life but it does nothing for me. I don’t even understand how men can have the audacity to call women attention whores or Instagram thots. They’re just as bad if not worse these days. Hell at least women try to
      make money via flat tummy tea and waist trainers.

  14. Now thats what I’m talking about take your attention whoring to the next level. gym restroom selfies, semi hard underwear shots, and teaser vids are late and common. Everyone does that. Until these attentionistos start showing what that dick game is about, they just wallpaper

  15. Nice vid, but his dick was weak, it looked like he was trying to get it hard but it wasn’t work… He got a big dick tho, and he wasn’t fully erect.

  16. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to get the words ” that look so sexy” out of my head now lol

    P.S. I’m right along with you the rest of the year needs to be about the attentionisto stroke, I have a feeling if we saw that on half the men you post on here our opionions of some them would would change.

      1. LMAO…I get that feeling about a lot of our favorite attentionistos! I have a feeling a lot of them may not be puttin’ it down in the bedroom.

      2. @ Christian, I agree. I think we get caught up in the fantasy of it. And when the reality presents itself, we be like “oh” um, damn! lol A little disappointed with the real result. lol

  17. What surprises me most with vids like these is that so many people (gay &straight) are still have unprotected sexπŸ˜•

    1. Straight people have unprotected sex all the time just like a lot of gays.. A lot of them belief that HIV is a foreign thing that relates to gays so they just worry about pregnancies

    2. Sure…but he’s fucking the same girl in all of his videos. If two people are committed to one another, why is it an issue that they have unprotected sex?

    3. EXACTLY! And women are just as quick to have unprotected sex with random dudes than homos. I dont understand it, but it makes for a better visual when theres a vid involved. I, personally would do it, with somebody that Im not in a long term committed relationship with.

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