“I WANTED LIGHT! NO DARK!” – Ye Screamed at His Lowly Assistant

ye held a casting call for:

“non-black vixens who look fuckable without make up on”

…in so many words.
well a vix-bi sent me footage from all who showed up.
this was taken from @crownedkingnye ig and well…


that’s weird.
i’m not seeing a lot of “multiracials” in that crowd.
i guess the black and brown vixens locked them in a closet.
well in a surprise twist,
guess who showed up:

see foxhole!
i had a feeling his royal highness was going to sit in on that.
the look on his face after seeing all his candidates tho:

giphysorry ye.
i think all the “multiracials” went to other ny fashion week castings.
i saw a ton down the street from my job the other day.
no doubt this casting was probably for his upcoming fashion show.
he has a big one coming up.
i’m sure the theme will be “hooligan dumpster jungle chic”.
you know how ye does with his fashions.

lowkey: i won’t hate too much.
he started that current “ripped” look.
i thank him for it.

videos credited: crownedkingnye

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on ““I WANTED LIGHT! NO DARK!” – Ye Screamed at His Lowly Assistant”

    1. Nah that line was super long. Around the block long. But I’m interested in seeing what multiracials were used in this show. My friend did his last show and I asked why she didn’t go to this casting and she said she was very confused on the requirements. Mind you she’s almost lightskin but full black.

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