The Gym Got This Attentionisto An Arrest Record

article-gym-1-0429some of these attentionitos ain’t shit.
they will neglect their loves ones to cheat with their main hoe.
the main hoe name is “gym”.

“where you at?”
“in the gym.”

“who is that in the background?”
“at the gym.”

“where are you going at 3am?”
“to see the gym.”

these attentionistos/nistas obsessed with the gym nowadays.
if they could sleep and eat there,
they would sleep on a treadmill and pay rent.
well this one gym attentionisto,
by the name of solomn allen,
left his cub in the car to go train a client.
the cub was 18 months old.
check this story sent in by the f-bi via daily mail

A personal trainer has been arrested on charges of leaving his eight-month-old daughter in his car while he worked out inside of a North Hollywood gym on Friday morning.

Solomon Allen, 25, is accused of meeting with a client at 9am while he left his crying baby girl inside of his unlocked vehicle, with the motor running.

It was parked in a garage across the street from the 24 Hour Fitness gym at 5300 block of Lankershim Boulevard.

Allen was charged with child endangerment. As of Friday night, he was still in custody in lieu of $100,000 bond, according to the New York Daily News.

The little girl was found by a parking garage maintenance worker after an hour, according to KABC. The worker then reported the incident to his supervisor.

‘He went into panic mode,’ said supervisor Jose Rivera. ‘He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. A baby. Nobody around in the parking lot, not even walking by. 

‘He knew the baby had been in his eyes abandoned inside the vehicle. And the baby just seem really bothered, in the baby seat and just constantly crying.’

According to Allen’s social media pages, he is a personal trainer and founder of FitFiend Active Wear.

The police were called and the child was evaluated at a hospital before being returned to her mother. The girl was not injured.

‘It’s extremely careless and it’s very selfish to leave an infant that’s 8-months-old in a car with the motor running, unlocked in a parking structure at a public business,’ Los Angeles Police Department Capt. Stephen Carmona told KABC.

giphy copy 14he swiped that instagram down with the quickness.
what was so hard with postponing the session,
or better yet,
pay for a babysitter?
i know he ain’t trying to lose bread,
but now you out 100,000 with a record.
clearly his brain and common sense stays in the gym too.

lowkey: i like a nice bawdy and all,
but if my wolf stay in the gym more than with me,
we gonna have some issues.
story taken: daily mail

15 thoughts on “The Gym Got This Attentionisto An Arrest Record

  1. I saw this earlier and had to come back with my thoughts. My first thought is so many of these dudes with these picture perfect bodies are empty self absorbed assholes that it almost makes me think that fitness dudes are some of the most unstable people out here. I have dived into this world with my focus on fitness and some of what I have learned has literally blown my mind. To most of these fitness dudes, nothing matter but a nice chest, biceps and abs everything else in life comes after these. I can bet my bottom dollar first of all, this same pineapple, had this child all posted up on is Instagram like he was the worlds greatest dad. It is almost a given that str8 fitness dudes post their cubs at least 3 times per week to give the illusion that they are the greatest fathers and I often wonder where do you find the time, since your main priority is the gym. If they dont post the cubs, they are always talking about how all they do is for them or some other non-sense. I bet if we talk to these cubs mother, we would find a bunch of trifling sorry ass pineapples who spend all their money on Jordan’s, workout gear, protein powder, and chicken breast. What little they do have extra probably goes to chasing other vixens.

    This particular pineapple needs to face some harsh consequences for this stupid stunt. Most gyms have child care available, if not he should have done a no gym session at the park and put the baby in a stroller there with him. More than likely he did not want to ruin his image that he was a single, kid free trainer, you have to watch these trainers, they be on some heavy come up game and many are nothing but glorified escorts with a NASM certification. Sadly the cub mother probably bailed him out because after all he is so fine, and in many eyes that equal of good character. There is such a dark side to all these beautiful people.

    1. I don’t trust any pineapple that eats the same thing everyday and doesn’t enjoy chocolate chip cookies and other delicious baked goods!

      They ain’t right in the head!

  2. He was probably training someone at 24 but didn’t work at 24! Which is against club rules.

    In any event I hope that $30-$50 session was worth it. Los Angeles is saturated with trainers and I doubt a 25 year old was making very much money.

  3. This is so crazy. Even if you didn’t give a shit about your baby, at least give a shit enough about your mode of transportation to protect that. If someone steals your unlocked car with the keys in the ignition, NO MORE GYM, MEATHEAD.

  4. I read this story when I woke up this morning and it pisses me the fuk off. Who the hell does that? And you can’t tell me that he thought it would be ok to leave an eight-month-old, EIGHT-MONTHS-OLD, by herself. If he couldn’t find anyone to take care of her (because it does happen) then he should have either rescheduled like Jamari said, canceled, or even brought the baby in and asked someone who he knows (assuming he works there) to watch her for like an hour. Somebody in the LAtimes comment section mentioned that this particular center has child care while I don’t know if that’s true or not if they did that just makes him even worse cause if he really needed to go that bad then he could have pleaded with them to watch her for a while. Smdh. Between this and the dog story these stupid mofos have really pissed me off.

  5. I hope he gets major time in jail doing some dumb shit like this, make an example out of him. I have a soft spot for children, I swear I don’t get how people abuse, and neglect them. Vixens, are just laying down with these dummies and having babies by them and guess what the kid suffers. Wake up vixens and be careful when choosing your baby daddies.

  6. They maybe at the gym but they ain’t working out..with weights all the time. They in them showers and locker rooms gettin nutted and gutted. It’s the new hook up spot

  7. This is hilarious, but sad at the same time. This man left an 8 month old baby in an unlocked, running car while he was at the gym. I cannot be reading this correctly. This is a damn shame. These men are so obsessed they would endanger the lives of their own children. What if she was abducted?

  8. I watched a documentary years ago that spoke about ‘Manorexia’ where man have issues where they feel they’re never fit enough and go through drastic measures to stay fit. They over indulge in protein drinks and etc which can be bad for kidneys. Excessive protein in the urine is bad especially pertaining to kidney damage and dialysis. These men go crazy for fitness so much that they don’t think rationally. Can you imagine how terrified that child was? This is sad. People are so obsessed with vanity in this world. Like what can they contribute to the world besides a nice physique?

  9. This is just sad what was he thinking. You can’t tell me he doesn’t know anybody that could watch his baby for and hour or two while he trained his client.

  10. Wow what a blockhead. The baby could had die from heatstroke in the car like the other kid. Who want to bet that the client he was training was a vixen with a big ole booty?

  11. I’m tired of mofos treatin’ these babies like expendable accessories…yes, there are legitimate – tragic nonetheless – cases of parents straight lunchin’, usually due to a change in normal routine, I’m still undecided in this recent case that had a tragic ending:

    …but this fool knew what the fuck he was doin’ by leavin the car on, and DOOR UNLOCKED w/ your baby GIRL strapped inside for the damn gym?…I mean if it’s that important go to one w/ child care…but even those prolly won’t accept cubs too young, idk…*forlorn sigh* kids these days have jeopardized hope w/ parents like this I swear…

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