Well… At Least Mary Ain’t Singing About Food This Time!

tumblr_nb6ybvkqj51r0djllo1_500before i start,
i have to say that i love mary’s glasses.
so mary j blige moved past that burger king commercial.
you remember that fiasco,

it made for some amazing memes and parody videos.
well mary could be back for a second round of roasting.
she did this interview special for apple music with hillary clinton.
very random.
she decided to sing a song about police brutality to hillary and well…



mary frames…
slide that id my way...
aside from that,
how random was that?
hillary’s facial expressions mirror many of us getting second hand embarrassment.
i’m confused…
what made mary sing this to her?
mary seems to have good intentions tho.
well mary responded to all of our criticisms via her twitter:



well she told us.
“whats the 411” premieres on september 30th on apple music.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Well… At Least Mary Ain’t Singing About Food This Time!”

  1. I am going to give her a pass.She is going through a divorce,Kendu is trying to get the pre nup thrown out.Y’all leave Mary alone😂

  2. I was Dead and Buried when they said that Hillary was Mary’s Foodstamp case worker and she had to sing for an increase in her stamps and Hillary told her that she like her singing but her stamps would remain at $400 per month and she wouldnt be getting that increase. Poor Mary cant win at times, but she will always be my Queen of Hip Hop Soul.

  3. The least she could have done was prepared a well produced record. The song was awkward. I was uncomfortable watching it.

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