michael cohen reaped weeds with thorns from his past tweet

i am a firm believer in karma or “you reap what you sow”.
i have seen too many examples about it through my life and others.
a universal humbling can happen at any time in one’s life,
including our own.
i’ve can recognize when i’ve gotten my karma too.
so this trump administration is a hot mess.
i bet other countries laugh at the united states now.
as you know or didn’t,
but michael cohen  is facing prison time.
he’s trump’s former attorney.
according to cnn:

The counts against Cohen included tax fraud, false statements to a bank and campaign finance violations tied to his work for Trump, including payments Cohen made or helped orchestrate that were designed to silence women who claimed affairs with the then-candidate.

 stormy daniels was one of the vixens he paid off.

they are kissing her tail in her comments now.
what i find interesting is when michael planted his harvest tho.
in a 2015 tweet against hillary clinton,
he fonted…
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Hillary Clinton Packs Up Her Kitten Heels and Ends The ’16 Show

hillary-clinton-election-losshillary clinton,
as you know,
she ran twice and lost against:

a) a charismatic black wolf
b) an alleged rapist and bigot

that has got to be a tough blow.
well she conceded last night and gave her concession speech this morning.
this is what she had to say
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So I Just Watched The Final Presidential Debate and…

hillary-clinton-donald-trump-reuters_650x400_51454553386…am i the only one over it and over these two?
all the back and forth,
the negativity,
and using the american stage for this nonsense legit drains me.
that being said,
trump should accept his loss gracefully.
he is cooked.

Well… At Least Mary Ain’t Singing About Food This Time!

tumblr_nb6ybvkqj51r0djllo1_500before i start,
i have to say that i love mary’s glasses.
so mary j blige moved past that burger king commercial.
you remember that fiasco,

it made for some amazing memes and parody videos.
well mary could be back for a second round of roasting.
she did this interview special for apple music with hillary clinton.
very random.
she decided to sing a song about police brutality to hillary and well…
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So I Watched The Presidential Debate Last Night And…


…i think we are pretty much in the shit hole.
i guess,
out the two,
hillary is a better match.
…i guess?
trump went up there and showed us why he shouldn’t be president.
if he wins,
i can just assume destruction for us all.

lowkey: 80 million of us watched.
highest ratings in tv history.

i’m sure half of that was cringing.