So I Watched That Second Presidential Debate and Well…


…and that was a disaster!!!
a national disaster.
these two were up there

throwing each other personal business at each other,
but they didn’t really address anything else.
martha had to ask donald to explain his strategy at one point.
all he tried to do was rattle hillary and throw everyone under the bus.
i am baffled at that past hour and a half.
i think everyone else is as well.
tumblr_n5rq32xzcb1rrsol6o2_250i had to ask the foxhole…

What were your thoughts?

lowkey: the way how trump says “african american”…

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14 thoughts on “So I Watched That Second Presidential Debate and Well…”

  1. After seeing this debate, and after his audio leaked from ten years ago, I’m team Hillary. She’s not perfect, but no president has been. In terms of readiness and being presidential, she’s miles apart from that clown. He has no clue how to run the free world.

    1. @over it…I would agree, and with the “circus performers” that support him, like Giuliani and Christie, he proved last night that he is not ready to lead the country. If that is the performance we get when you have been “locked in a room with advisors” to prep for the debate…I can only imagine what would happen if he were President and something major happened.

      I have not heard one clear and concise thought process from this man since he began his run for office. When his campaign tries to reign him in, it backfires horribly, and forces him to act out even worse. He doesn’t have the temperament for the office. If someone makes a comment about him, he’s on Twitter or the phone saying something nasty and negative. Sometimes you have to ignore stuff like that, but he loves the attention. It’s all about Trump, everything else is secondary.

  2. I’m not even american but i was so ashamed. This could have been a shaderoom argument. At least Hillary tried at some point to explain what she would do. Donald was like, i did that i said that, but X did that too and Y did worst. No apologies no strategy. Talking abour why army expose its strategy before attacking, even martha had to answer, like damn you don’t really think they gonna come here and tell everybody what they going to do, it’s for a psychological effect. Anyway that debate was useless. I’m really sorry for americans.

  3. Trump began the debate about to lose everything. By the end, he was losing only the election. His plan to build a racist, rightwing cable network to rival Fox News was salvaged. He used lines that would rile up the people who are supporting him and gained zero new voters. White women in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Tampa and Cleveland now feel better about supporting Clinton. She will be POTUS. He will be the new Ruperrt Murdoch.

  4. No mention of the Wilileaks revelation in the Podesta leaks, Clinton Chief of Staff her Advisor? In which Blacks, Muslims, and Roma’s were called “profession never-do-wells”, aka losers, compared to other groups.

  5. No mention of the Wilileaks revelation in the Podesta leaks, Clinton Chief of Staff and her Advisor. In which Blacks, Muslims, and Roma’s were called “professional never-do-wells”, aka losers, compared to other groups.

    1. I don’t know how any black person could vote for Hillary. All she wants to do is let more and more Hispanics, Asians and Muslims in the country who all hate us.

      1. You would rather have Trump in office?! Please. That man is not as successful as he makes himself out to be. And when you literally boast that you blow close to a billion dollars AND don’t pay taxes…in my eyes, regardless of taking advantage of tax loopholes, that’s a strike against you. Everyone else pays taxes, what makes you think you’re better where you don’t have to?

        Also, he’s being a hypocrite. Years ago he said nasty things about the women that accused Bill Clinton of harassment and abuse, now he wants to parade them out as a media distraction, They are just as stupid for going along with it. You had your 15 minutes of fame…go sit down. Trump has a history of saying and doing negative things, and then conveniently deny or “forgetting” that he said/did those things.

        Clinton is no angel, hell no politician is…but among the lesser evils, I’ll take her over a man that give a cohesive and direct answer. Every “answer” that he gave started with vague descriptions of whatever plan he has and the great team he has in place, and then he would start to attack Clinton. When Clinton answered, she gave you numbers, facts, etc.

      2. Christian- we don’t have to worry about Tony. Blacks who “support” Trump usually do so the way people who only buy bootleg music “support” artist. They don’t write checks and they don’t even know where their polling station is let alone vote. In fact most are men between 21-35, aka the least likely voters in the country. The sistahs, as ever, will take care of us. And they know how stupid equating Clinton and Trump is.

  6. There are no undecided voters, and there hasn’t been for many many months now…they’re just people who want attn from pollsters, afaic…if you can’t tell the diff b/t paper cuts and cancer, then you’re either sincerely ignorant or conscientiously stupid…neither of which is a good look!……..bottom line: townhall was a regurgitated waste of time.

  7. @christian “taking advantage of tax loopholes”? That’s what businesses and SMART business persons do! It’s also called fiduciary responsibility, as in their lawful obligation to reduce their tax burden, legally. There’s over $1.5 TRILLION overseas now, for that very reason. Lead by some of your favs. And guess what; it’s LEGAL. Give to you by your Congress.

    1. That’s not smart, because if you ran your business(es) correctly and responsibly, you wouldn’t have to do that. Trump has used bankruptcy more times than any successful business owner. He’s not successful…look at his casinos. Oh wait…they all went out if business. Mar-A-Lago is the only successful business venture he has, which is why he held on to that so tightly…and he almost lost that at one point.
      You wanna trust him with YOUR money…be my guest. Smoke and mirrors don’t work for me.

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