Last Scene: “Jamari Fox Learns The Fate of His Job”

041802782f511b47abc2d87ffd68b2a8let’s talk job.
let’s talk update.
so mr. green finally revealed the big “secret” last thursday…

well he knows that i know so my boss knows that i know.
he called me on my job line before i clocked out.

so my department is getting eradicated.
when we all got split up from the old spot,
my job has been looking to cut costs.
it was a “discussion”,
but my boss was doing things on the low.
i was suppose to move to another department,
but that fell through due to the executive retiring.
it wasn’t supposed to be leaked as the meetings have been confidential,
but since i found out and started asking questions,
it started to spread like wild fire.

what did he expect?
i was going to stay quiet?

neatenchantedafricanharrierhawkso as of right now,
the plan is to lay me off,
along with the others in my department.
they don’t know that yet.
so i won’t be the only one.
if they find somewhere else for me to go within the company,
he will let me know.
i asked about a severance and mr. green doesn’t know any details as of yet.

i don’t trust my boss so this probably means “goodbye”.
the crazy part is i’m not upset.
i’ve been ready to go.
you know how much i’m tired of the antics and nonsense.
i’m looking at it as a blessing in disguise.

solange’s album has me in a relaxed place.

giphy-1the only thing i’m thinking about is my 800 credit card bill.
if i can get that paid off,
i’d be so happy.
one less bill to worry about while unemployed.
i also managed to save up 3 months of rent.
it’s frustrating,
but i will have to manage.

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25 thoughts on “Last Scene: “Jamari Fox Learns The Fate of His Job””

  1. I’m glad they finally let you know what is going on and it’s not just you going. Still bummed they are letting you go when you’re one of the hardest workers there . Don’t worry this is just the beginning I wish you could just take a vacation for like the weekend away from the city to reset yourself.

  2. Hi J! It’s been a wile… You have to look at this as a bleesing in Disguise like you just said. I was in the same situation few months ago. I made sure they fire me because I wasn’t going to just quit, that would’ve been too easy.

    I use that time off, to focus on other stuff. Learning new skills, fasting, getting closer to God. Durimg that period, I discovered God in a very personal way but most importantly I discovered myself!

    When I look back, loosing that job was the one of the BEST thing that happened to me this year.

    Fill for your employment asap. At leat you have 3 months of rent.

    Love you!

  3. We love you immensely Jamari. Know that your steps are ordered by a higher power and all will be fine.

  4. Sending my prayers and strength to you. Hopefully you’ll rebound quickly this go around. Use this time to allow yourself to grow and seek peace in every aspect of your life.

  5. I was hoping it wasn’t true, but hopefully it will work out for you. I wish you luck and I hope you find another job you like next time around.

  6. A stress-free environment will have ou feeling rejuvenated in no time, J!
    Have you had an opportunity to reach out to that CEO’s secretary? Now would be a great time to try to set something in motion.

  7. If you’re happy. Im happy. But, I still say not to pay off that credit card bill until you have a another job. This is the only time credit cards make sense…allowing you to keep the cash today for things like rent and food. All the best to you Jamari.

    1. ^im not paying it off.
      i can’t afford to at this moment.
      that bill is the only bill that worries me,
      but i said I’ll take your advice on the minimum payments.

  8. I wish you all the best I was in a similar situation recently. I’m sure you’ll find something. I don’t mean to be invasive, but if you’re okay with using recruiting agencies, try Glocap or Winston Staffing. Both truly helped and were very proactive. I wish you nothing but the best and that you find something soon. Sending all of my positive energy and love.

  9. Obviously I am upset about your situation but I am also bothered by the fact the other people in your department don’t know they are about to be laid off YET. Do you think they are going to be totally blindsided or have people suspected this was a probability? I know you have been “over” this job for months but do your co workers seem to be happy ?

    I get upset when I watching the news and I see some company going out of business and the employees walking out with their boxes.I am a Cancer and I am super sensitive😢😀

    1. ^hell i wasn’t going to know until thing 2 told me!!!
      it is so fucked up yc!!!!
      they will be blind sided and my co workers are all over this job as well.

  10. Youre going to be fine you were already smart enough to save three months rent. However worse case scenario if you did lose your job you can call the credit card company and explain the situation to get an extension on your credit card due date without being hit with penalties I had done this personally myself with Capital One for both of my credit cards and QVC during the time I had fallen behind in payments

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