Dallas Flashman Wade Raises His Tail For A Good Cause

tumblr_nqo5m1pglc1qk9l5po1_1280as you know,
or didn’t,
but dallas flashman wade loves to work out.
he loves his bawdy and loves to show it off for us.
well he posted a video on twitter of him participating in the “22 pushup challenge”.
it’s for veterans that have committed suicide.
( x
read more here )
interesting challenge,
but this is what he had to show us…

giphy-copy-42of course,
every one of “us” ignored the message.
they just saw the tight white drawz and his donk of a tail.
i am not ashamed to say i am one of those animals.
good for dallas on making an impact for the cause!

video taken: twitter

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Dallas Flashman Wade Raises His Tail For A Good Cause”

  1. I did not even put my earphones in to listen. After reading the title I just wanted to see his booty. At least I was honest about it.

  2. He knows how to use what he got to get people attention. He has one of those connectpal accounts now showing his goods for money. And yes I skipped over the message to look at his booty also lol

    1. My sentiments exactly. He knows where his market is and he knows what to post to get their attention. Hence why he’s always getting booked for gay pride events

      1. But…. They won’t book a gay brother that does not take off his clothes and started from the bottom and is now at the top (judge, attorney, business owner (none porn), etc to come give some knowledge and advice to help each other… -_-

      2. ^ Lol yeah because the gay community endorses sex. That’s what brings the boys to the yard *Kelis voice*
        Not to mention, he’s a straight guy and many gay men fantasize about straight men a lot more than gay men because of conditioning in the hetero-normative society that we live in & there’s always that mystery/fantasy that they dream about.

        Nobody cares about the other stuff. A lot of guys in this community only feel a part of it when sex is involved. Once they’re done with that they go back to living in their discreet hetero-normative lives.

        You have a point but a judge, attorney, doctors etc. is not going to attract crowds. Think about it. Even on this site. The entries that get the most comments are 95% sex related. People flood in here when there’s entries about; the dick reports about popular guys, sextapes, nudes leaked etc.

        The work wolf posts got a lot of comments and that’s because a lot of people here were intrigued in Jamari’s entries about their intimate time together and what always was brought up was their supposed sexual chemistry which many anticipated sex to then follow.

        I’m rambling now but yeah what I’m trying to say is sex (unfortunately) seems to be the basis of the gay community worldwide but I’m sure you knew that anyway

  3. Dallas body and face are his only selling points ( that he himself pushes out there) so I don’t feel any guilt saying that’s what I like to see when I see him.

  4. Message, what message i just see ass everywhere!! Boy that arch tho, it’s unreal. And since the post about attentionisto getting fucked left and right, i mean, he’s been stripping for money, who knows what else he’s doing?! But ion speculate, he physically blessed but when you actually care to read or listen what he has to say, let’s just say he’s a male amber rose…

  5. He is very good at marketing himself. You have to give him credit for that. He started a connectpal and he knows his main fanbase is mainly horny gay men so he gives them what they want and I’m sure he had a ton of new subs floating in. Soon you’ll see one of the videos on myvidster. The other connectpal boys need to take notes.

  6. *yawns* boring….he’s about as a deep as a puddle…so he couldn’t do the challenge with clothes on? *predictable instagram thot behavior* lol

  7. He doesn’t address his sexuality at all. That’s understandable but he post stuff like this but gets tired of hearing the “Are you gay?” question. He seems kind of feminine in a way…. The thing is his ass is out, he claims to not be gay, and majority of his supporters/followers/viewers are gay. Enjoy the closet while you can but he seems pretty cool

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