So I Watched The Presidential Debate Last Night And…


…i think we are pretty much in the shit hole.
i guess,
out the two,
hillary is a better match.
…i guess?
trump went up there and showed us why he shouldn’t be president.
if he wins,
i can just assume destruction for us all.

lowkey: 80 million of us watched.
highest ratings in tv history.

i’m sure half of that was cringing.

9 thoughts on “So I Watched The Presidential Debate Last Night And…

  1. I watched it but not for actual political purposes b/c come on. Someone said it was a real life twitter battle and that is the best description of it yet. But FashionandSvedka, it is an important decision to make considering all of what does come with the job especially setting foreign policy and God forbid we get dragged into war in the next four years which is a possibility that is greater than any of us think. But domestically you are right, Congress actually holds most of the power to solve problems that ppl will blame the president for and the Supreme Court really decides what is and is not tolerated in our laws. So yes it does matter b/c POTUS selects S.C. members. But I do agree that we as Black ppl need to be focused on solving our community issues. As Steve Harvey said today we as a ppl need to stop looking towards politicians to do anything to help improve our situations. They say what we want to hear to get our vote then abandon us. However just b/c that is the case, we need to vote and to still put pressure on them b/c you never know when it may just help no matter how small.

    1. But you said it yourself. If we know that they will abandon us, then why go to trouble of appointing them in the first place? It doesn’t make sense to do something in vain if nothing comes of it. I think the issue is that we are still looking at a system that does not just benefit our people. I don’t recognize the political system and process at all. None of them will take on the military industrial system. None of them will take on education. None of them will take on the foreign federal reserve and a national debt that we will NEVER repay because our fiat currency is based on debt. So how can change come about if the system that is presently in place not destroyed and a new one affects all of us? Keep in mind that the POTUS is appointed by electoral college votes and not popular votes. I want to see my people free of fear, debt, systematic oppression and the things that afflict us. If voting would of got us free, it wouldn’t be held in the hands of the average citizen. I’m not suggesting that people not vote. I’m suggesting that you take a step back and look at the whole system and machine and thoroughly analyze our relation to it. Faces will change but policies will remain the same for the next 50 years. In my opinion, the best way to win is not to play.

      1. See but that isn’t the best way to win. Because whether or not we see them doing things that specifically benefit us, these are te ppl that will affect our lives. Not putting in our voice will only result in more ppl who gives absolutely zero f***s about our community getting in and will make bills like the Carolina voting bill easier to pass. And it is better to cover all sides than none. Not everyone goes back/abandons their promises and can actually be an ally. A single step forward is still a step forward. I’m just saying that we cannot rely on getting someone into office then expect them to magically start puling out radical changes. Politicians do have the power to make changes but we can’t expect them to pull out big reform in short terms, we have to be on them constantly to do exactly as they promise and let them know that if their not putting in the effort and establishing progressive steps towards the goal that there is always another who will. And we all have to do our part, too many ppl don’t want to put in the effort themselves. If we want something that we specifically will benefit from then our community has to take up it up on its own. These votes can benefit us in making sure we don’t get ppl who will knock us back from the progress that our community makes and every once in a while we’ll get someone who can move some roadblocks out of the way for us as we make progress ourselves.

  2. Is there really a choice between the two? We complained about Obama not doing more forthw black community. When the problem was we didnt vote in the midterms. He couldnt do it with a Republican congress. So arw you really gonna compare Hillary to a racist. She protected her emails, the only one they couldnt hack!

  3. Jamari, you know what Colin said? He explained that they’re ultimately both horrible candidates, but we have to pick the lesser of two evils. Do you agree?

      1. I respectfully disagree. How can you pick from the lesser of two evils if both candidates are evil? That saying mever clocked with me. Black people have been traditionally voted Democrat for the last 50 years and nothing has changed. We vote out of tradition and fear. We fear that Trump will be a despot, fear that Hillary will change her political views when she comes into power. Nothing will change in our community because our mindset has not changed. We get caught up in the elections process of the Executive branch, but fail to address the other two branches of government. I will not be voting this year as I honestly see no point in wasting time on a flawed process that puts power into the hands of a few and gives the illusion that we as citizens can obtain substantial change in a government that ultimately wants us right where we are.

  4. I was going to watch the debate but I decided not to because I didn’t want to subject my spirit to anything negative. I really don’t understand why they have a debate when they have been campaigning and interviewing for over a year. I just wonder what could they say differently in this debate. Plus to me I already know who I am voting for. I don’t need 40 million debates to figure it out. I am just saying.

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