King James Said “All Lives Matter”; The Banishment Papers Are Drawn

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-8-13-29-pmking james is about to be demoted with the forests!
he said 3 fatal words that would lead to banishment:


*dun dun dun*
so he had his first media day press conference for the upcoming season.
the topic was colin kaepernick,
the national anthem,
and police shootings.
this is what he said

starts @7:00 and @10:20:

well the black fo’ks are real upset.
i will admit,
the “all lives matter” part gave me this face:


…but i did respect his stance on colin kaepernick.
he didn’t bash colin for his decision.
he simply agreed with colin’s stance,
but he personally isn’t affected by the national anthem.
he has the right as it is a choice.
at the end of the day,
king james has spoken out about many of the issues “we” face.
he hasn’t been quiet and when he’s passionate he does.
others at his level don’t/didn’t/would never.
i wouldn’t revoke his forest pass.
you may feel differently.
so i’ll ask the foxhole…

Were you offended by King James Statement?

12 thoughts on “King James Said “All Lives Matter”; The Banishment Papers Are Drawn

  1. I’ve been removing support from any and everybody who just doesn’t get it. I don’t have time to educate folks on shit that’s right in front of their faces.

    Coming anywhere close to saying “All Lives Matter” is NOT getting it.

  2. whenever a famous person say and do something. I do not get upset .

    they have the right to their opinion just like all the rest of us do.

  3. I’m white and I agree with both comments “all lives matter and black lives matter” i believe it’s the government that’s forcing us to segregate the statements. I’m not racist but it’s these assholes that force us as a people to scream black lives matter to remind them that we are one. This government is full of Cunts

  4. I’m not offended but l am a tad bit confused. He seemed to get it but not get it at the same damn time. Like when he said it’s a tough time for parents right now. No it’s a tough time for the parents of colored children right now. It’s like he knows the issue but he’s also tryna placate the majority … But then again maybe toeing the line is his brand of steady activism. Not everybody will demonstrate because not everybody has to. Some may donate self, others money, and others whatever their gifts are. I’ll honor the consciousness he does have tho because he is considered the second coming for folks in Cleveland and I know he don’t wanna upset them fans … I remember groups of while folk burning mounds of his jerseys when he announced he was going to Miami

  5. ‘mari (can I call you this, love?), have you seen the pic(s) of John Legend on stage with his cakes out and a hard piece that had black twitter (men and women) going wild? The amount of “straight” men that were in his DMs that night! Chile, I had no more pearls left to clutch.

      1. Yeah, I think so. He’s always been questionable to me ever since he took that photo with the gay porn actor and started carrying around a “murse”, but he is stacked with cake. His wife better be eating and treating them right!

    1. Well…Ive heard buzz from his hometown crew when he was the Minister of Music at his church before the fame and he is tight with Kanye (of course..thats enuff to make anybody wonder, they said the same bout Big Sean, ya know?…lol none of it surprises me none.

  6. when you’re too rich, it’s easy to be in your own world and out of touch.

    A lot of these rich black folks are just as oblivious as white people.

  7. I didn’t think his comment seemed to be from an “all lives matter” perspective, but if that was his intention then he can carry his little penis to the next stadium stop on Bey’s tour and have one of those several seats inside.

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