Hillary Clinton Packs Up Her Kitten Heels and Ends The ’16 Show

hillary-clinton-election-losshillary clinton,
as you know,
she ran twice and lost against:

a) a charismatic black wolf
b) an alleged rapist and bigot

that has got to be a tough blow.
well she conceded last night and gave her concession speech this morning.
this is what she had to say

giphyhere is the thing…
hillary just wasn’t liked.
a lot of her triflin’ behavior caught up with her.
even though she was a better candidate than trump,
her cockiness was the death of her.
he played the game much better than she did.
bernie would have smoked trump in his campaign,
in my opinion.
she should have brought bernie along as her vice president.

i was disappointed she didn’t address her supporters last night.
one thing i had to remember is:

She still has feelings

we often forget that.
from the looks of her eyes,
she probably has been crying and realized she has been defeated.
even beyonce or jlo couldn’t save her.
her dreams of being the first female president could be over.
she just doesn’t have “it”.
God had to humble her to realize that.
i wish her the best,
but i had to wonder

Is the world really ready for a female president?

…or they just don’t want a female president named “hillary clinton”?


lowkey: is it really this serious ann?


does ann need a reminder of trump’s alleged rape charges?























…and who are these two coons?



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Packs Up Her Kitten Heels and Ends The ’16 Show”

  1. Other industrialized countries already had several female leaders. Even Germany has one. America used to be a pioneering force in the world. Now most times we present the worst we have to offer. I just hope Trump doesn’t cause anyone harm through his time as president. Especially to his supporters. They believe in him. I hope he is everything they voted for.

  2. This was truly one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard from Clinton. I truly feel bad for her. For someone with so many accomplishments to lose to a person with SO many negatives in addition to zero political experience has to be tough.

    I remember my dad saying back in 2008 that America would elect a Black man as president before they elect a woman. And he was correct. Going from a Black man to a woman would have been too much for many people in America but mainly White men. They feel as if everything is getting taken away from them in “their” country, hence the rise of Donald Trump.

  3. Interesting POV.

    While she might not be liked…she is kinda like a lot of strong women who run busineses, corporations and households. Some of them too aren’t “liked” but they get shut done.

    Why does someone have to be liked to effective. Some of us on our job aren’t liked but we are known for our work.

    Just seems see gets run off because she’s a woman who acts and thinks like a,man. If she were a man…and acted the same way …what would be say.

    Ice been sick about this all day. The vote had nothing to do with the candidates at all. It had to do with 276 electorate who wanteomen, minorities, poor, under served and others to stay in a,certain place. This was about showing that certain people in America can control whatever they want. When they want.

    Donald trump has been accused of far more than any candidate but yet was elevated to prove a point and what the elite really want.

    Remember it’s the electoral college that “selects” the president not the voters.

    1. ^in my opinion,
      she isn’t liked because of her past baggage.
      trump has done his share of mess,
      but bill and hill also have their hands dirty.
      she was the better choice out the two.

      hillary also didn’t campaign in the states trump did.
      trump also did a lot of shit talking and social media boasting.
      so much so,
      it was the media that also blasted his popularity to out of space.

      and no offense tony,
      but werent you for trump a few weeks ago?
      what changed?
      i could be confusing you with another foxholer.

      1. I never was and never will be a “trumpeteer”

        The problem is the popular vote only impacts an election if the event if a tie. Change the entire party and election system.

  4. America inherited Trump. He is literally the house that America built. You can’t go killing and bombing other nation’s children and being watchman of the world without consequence. America has blood on its hands and it cannot be washed off. I take solace that the same people who think they are better than the Asians, gays, blacks, Muslims will suffer right along with us. Trump is going to ruin this country. Of that there is no doubt.

    When it comes to the issue of a American female president, I would LOVE to see that, just not Hillary. She has flip flopped her position on too many issues and pandered to too many audiences. I don’t like the policies that were enforced during her husbands tenure that tore urban families apart and imprisoned black men for petty crimes. We did not have good choices this election. I cannot vote for evil and be satisfied with the lesser. That notion doesn’t even compute to me.

  5. Maybe I’m the only one that doesn’t have a problem with Hilary. You have a interesting POV Jamari but I think she deserved to win. I don’t think she was cocky and I don’t get the whole “God had to humble her.” She was qualified and ready for the job. Obviously people liked her because she had the popular vote. I do agree that if she had Bernie as a running mate that would have sealed the deal more. At the end of the day it seems like America isn’t ready for a woman president and that’s unfortunate.

  6. Hillary would’ve had some amazing people in the White House, likely Bernie Sanders in some capacity. You’d be hard pressed to find any woman in politics or in charge of anything important that is well liked. Hillary is emasculating because no woman has ever had the power she’s had. Red necks don’t like that.

    We couldn’t even manage to get an edge in the House Or senate smh

    Now you can bet Sheriff Coon Clark and Omarosa are gonna be in the White House with him.

    I’ve accepted it though. This is what we as a country deserve.

    I definitely fuck with white people the long way from here on out in this current climate though.

    If you in the south like me better get your CHL and start packing too.

  7. It is sad that a woman who has accomplished as much as Hillary Clinton has is still marginalized because of her sex. Politics is a dirty game and anyone who stays in it will have to make many deals with the Devil, and Hillary is no different. It is amazing that all these evil corrupt male politicians are not held to the same standards. Donald Trump is straight trash but he was able to use social media and a racist America who was hungry for white nationalism to his advantage. This was White America’s last stand to hold on in this changing country so they threw everything that was right and decent out of the window and voted for someone who just told them what they wanted to hear. The right hates the Clinton because they were beat by them, the Clinton’s employed some of their dirty tricks to beat them at their own game. Donald Trump is a typical insecure egomaniac, he is self serving and does not give two fukks about anyone but himself, but he is no different that most Americans, most of us only think that America is the world and there are not 7 Billion other people who occupy this planet and all the resources are running out. Hillary had to be stop at all cost because she was going to continue to let others besides Whites participate in this system. People are lazy and want do the research for themselves about a persons position and that is what happened to Hillary. If Blacks would take a page out of other races play book we could get some effective change, I am going to make a concentrated effort to stop participating in their materialistic system and if I do need something try to get it from somebody who looks like me. Our people represent the strongest and the best. There was a 35 percent mortality rate on slave ships that brought us to these shores so our ancestors who survived have equip us to go through anything. It will be the others who are going to crack because they do not have the spirit of our ancestors in their DNA. Get ready for the white tears that will soon fall under the Trump Administration.

  8. So Jamari, do you think Trump’s cockiness will destroy him as well? He’s said a lot of regretful things that now have to be answered since he actually won…and it just doesn’t go away cause you say we’ve got to work united and come together”…when we already know your agenda. ..and as you see in the streets…the Millenials are clapping back!

    1. His cockiness and arrogance will be his downfall. He has foot-in-mouth disease.
      Look at the comment he made about the protestors, and then tried to make nice afterwards. Really?! Your second night as President-elect and you still doing the same shyt as a regular citizen/nominee!
      If that doesn’t show you, I don’t know what will. We are in for a shit-storm of ignorance ahead. LOL

      Now you KNOW we will NEVER see those tax returns! I know President’s release their tax returns..but I wonder if when the time comes for him to release his if he’ll still be under an “audit”. LOL

      I believe had he released his tax returns, he might not be where he is right now. I also believe had the FBI not put out that report that they were investigating another batch of emails those few days before the election, Hillary might have stood a chance.

  9. The DNC and those that didn’t vote are to blame. Proof showed that Hilary was incapable of beating Trump. She couldn’t even beat Bernie who the DNC sabotaged just to elect Hilary as their nominee. And Congratulations DNC. We now have an IDIOT for President. Trump will have control of the CIA, the FBI, the IRS, the NSA, drones and nuclear weapons. Healthcare: gone. Oh and NOT to mention the GOP will now control all 3 branches of government. Let that sink in. Well done, America.

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