The Day After Yesterday

1fa6d96a3803bc11c15a383b33335c1fthe day started off pretty gloomy.
the weather didn’t help either.
first of all,
i did not sleep last night.
i was up every two seconds watching coverage of the shit show.
hillary had my vote even tho i wasn’t too keen on her.
it was better than trump,
but my foxy senses told me a few weeks ago that he would win.
after like 230am or so,
i finally shut it all down and attempt to sleep.
i woke up tired af,
but when i immediately opened my social medias.
the winner was the first thing i saw.
this is when i went to the foxhole

many of you shared the same opinions as me.
that’s when i literally started crying for no reason.
the tears rolled down my cheeks and wouldn’t stop.
i just knew today was going to be that kind of day.
a personal day was on the menu,
but all hell would have broken loose if i did.
i texted karaoke to ask her the opinion.
she texted me this back:

karconvo i found myself getting offended,
but then i had to pump my brakes.
she was right.

the train ride to work was quiet.
everyone looked numb and confused.
there was a sense of regret with all the new yawkers.

“how did this hyena get his ass elected?”

tumblr_o9efb025kj1s1rwswo5_250it was written on our faces.

when i got in,
it seemed most of the snow animals were happy.
they were bouncing around and all smiles.
the rest had the same look as myself.
as like me,
they all wore black or grey to suit the emotion.
it was like one big ass wake.

We were mourning over what was to come with America

my co worker was devastated.
he told me that if i see anyone wearing red,
they were basically trump supporters.
sure enough,
i saw red ties from most of the snow wolves in power positions.
some of the snow bunnies in all red dresses and outfits.
this black wolf,
who is an executive,
came strolling in with a bright ass red tie.
even though i have dreamed of fuckin him,
at that moment,
i wanted to punch him.

tumblr_n36ekcgfzo1srs3fco9_r3_250i spent the day in a mood until i decided to have some fun.
there is no use in being depressed all day.
what’s done is done.
i watched videos i knew i would like,
played around with co workers,
and took a walk to different departments.
i left work feeling much lighter than i did.
we gotta take a step back to take a few steps forward.
that is the beauty with “us”.
when we come together for the greater good,
we create magic when destroying a common enemy.


we gonna survive this.

lowkey: my red highlighter doesn’t mean i’m a trump/republican.
i love the color red and will not associate it with a dumb ass.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “The Day After Yesterday”

  1. Jamari,

    I really wanted to sleep and not think about everything that happened yesterday. I wanted to call in sick at office depot and just sleep all day. I was hoping and praying that Hilary would take it, but these backwoods Duck Dynasty looking hillbillies wanted Trump! Watch, those hillbillies think that Trump is for them, he’ll take shit from them too! I bet their tune will change after that! *sips tea*

      1. Thankfully I just finished paying of my mortgage and credit card debt at the beginning of November. 2017-2020 is going to be about saving, not making any major purchases and hoping for a stable economy.

  2. That text message is so me. I’m not one to get worked up over politics because I personally feel like it’s out of our control. Quiet as it’s kept, there’s probably a secret society in the high powers who get away with fucking the masses over & have no repercussions from it because of their positions of power. Life isn’t fair then you die. Some people are born in shitty conditions and some happen to be born in privileged conditions. That’s why I believe on making the BEST of your own situations. Try to be the best of your ability (despite people saying that “sky is the limit”) and just live life. But that’s just me & I digress. Good luck to my American foxholers.

    Showing love from overseas

    1. No, it’s not good to get worked up…but you can’t ignore things either, because what they do affects EVERYONE! The rich may not feel it because they have a “cushion”, the middle class may feel it some but they will have a “buffer”, and the poor will REALLY feel it because they have no backup and/or resources to shield them. THEY depend on the “system” and that very system will fuck them over SERIOUSLY in the next four years. Republicans have their sights on Medicare, Social Security, ACA (Obamacare – I hate that fuckin name) just to name the programs that REALLY affect Americans across all age groups and racial boundaries. Ignore at your own peril.
      People were fooled this election. They were promised jobs that are not coming, they were promised a wall that ain’t coming, and they were promised a repeal of a healthcare program that gave millions health insurance…with no explanation of what will take its place. As Denzel said in Malcolm X…they’ve been bamboozled, they’ve been hoodwinked. This nation is headed for disaster for the next four years. Racism was bad under President Obama, but it’s about to get 10x worse!

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