America Is About To Be Great Again!


in my blogging career,
i have rarely been left font-less.
as i wake up to donald trump elected as our next president,
i am absolutely at a loss for ill ask the foxhole…

Where do we go from here?

the following tweet made me sick to my stomach last night…

screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-1-04-56-amthis is what 4 years is about to look like.

lowkey: stay alert and be safe.

Author: jamari fox

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29 thoughts on “America Is About To Be Great Again!

  1. This is what people get for trying to push Hillary instead of Gary or Bernie. The world just isn’t ready for a female president, this was not the time to be pushing an agenda.

    Welcome to the end of times as we know it, we’re about to be set back a century. White supremacists are about to see this man won and gain so much courage, then claim the First Amendment.

    1. It’s not even the fact that she is a woman, it’ more the fact that she was the worst possible choice to pit vs. Trump. She didn’t play the political climate. Nobody wants a corporatist, establishment candidate, esp. on the democratic side. Nobody trusts them. It’s her fault for playing the same game that stopped working at least a decade ago.

      I would agree that I believe Bernie would fair far better vs. Trump for the reasons I stated above. He isn’t any of that. I truly believe Bernie would have kicked his ass no contest.

      1. I agree, the whole democratic campaign looked very contradicting and hypocritical when they chose Hillary as the face. She didn’t have matching views. They also blew up Trump being perverted, hateful, and involved in lots of scandals when Hillary is married to a man getting her into plenty.

        I’ve been seeing lots of men saying they couldn’t vote for a woman though. I’m starting to think that played a part too.

      2. @ Dee, really? Wow, it’s clear some people REALLY don’t know WHAT or WHO they’re voting for, or what it MEANS. I haven’t heard much of that in regards to Hillary (moreso her corruption, being corporatist etc), but that chauvinistic attitude some of them have doesn’t surprise me. Gosh some people are so primitive. Who cares if she’s a woman? the question is can she DELIVER? In the case of Hillary and Trump, the answer is clear: NO!

        I agree with everything you said as well.

  2. I look at his election very differently. We know how he feels about certain groups (including blacks) and we know what the policies are gonna be. This has black people in pure meltdown mode. Now, we have no choice BUT to put our differences aside and work tpgether effectively for a black nation. It’s either that or perish.

    I think that as dismal as a President Trump will be for the entire world (he’s literally Agent Smith), I think that when the shock of the news settles in our community, you will see some beautiful things take place in terms of African unification.

  3. It is my hope that we as a people take it all the way back to the days when we had to rely on each other because we had no choice whether we like each other or not. Maybe we will wake up and be like Dewhite People who always put their race ahead of everything else no matter if they hurt everyone else. DeWhites showed us last night that dont give a SHIT about anyone rights but their own. It is going to be sweet watching their downfall as this Con-Artist take them for everything they have. Hopefully we will build a Black economy to sustain us and stop participating in their system. White Christmas for me is canceled. I am going to act just like they did about Obama never accepting this racist asshole and showing him no respect. He is not my president as they would say. White America showed us last night who they are and as I state so many time, it is the women of their race who are the worse. This man insulted women and let you know how he thinks they are beneath him and White women still voted for him. Miss me with these evil beings they are trash. Oh well save your money and learn to grow your own food because we are going to be starring in a real life Hunger Games really soon. These Republicans are going to show all of you all who sat at home and didnt vote just how ugly things can really get. It is goodbye to Obamacare and anything else that Obama did that was good. They are going to erase his name off the books. This fool has the Supreme Court and both houses of Congress, so I will not be surprised if gay marriage is struck down, abortion outlawed, and affirmative action and other work rules that protect minorities given the boot. DeWhite People are getting ready to show you their true colors indeed.

  4. My heart goes out to you guys, seriously. But I will include ourselves here and other countries that his presidency is going to affect (potentially). I hope he’s one of those presidents that are all talk or can’t get anything done because if he accomplishes what he was saying he wanted to do…yikes.

    Hillary is a pathetic politician. She still couldn’t get people to vote for her vs. a bigot, racist, sexist etc. She should just retire and go into hiding. What an embarrassment.

    1. They are not mentioning it too much, but Hillary won the popular vote. Understand if it would have been reversed all Hell would have broke loose with rabid Trump supporters if he won the popular vote but the electoral college placed her in the presidency, it was women who looked like her who did her in, but all in all Democrats and liberals have been pretty calm unlike that hateful crowd. The electoral college did her in even with her winning the popular vote, much like Gore.

      1. I noticed that too! It wasn’t by much from what I saw, but she did win more votes! The system in your country is confusing and corrupt! That needs to change! You guys need to make sure to vote for (congress?) in two years. Maybe you guys can salvage the situation if you can get a Democratic (better if they are Progressives like Bernie or Elizabeth Warren) majority in congress! THAT’S where the real power lies! That’s PART of why many consider Obama to have been “useless” or a disappointment. Let’s extend the same treatment to Chump and see how much (or hopefully, little) he gets done!

  5. I’m very numb at the moment and I have been throughout most of the election. I truly feel as if I’m in The Twilight Zone. But this is what White America wanted and they got their wish. I’m praying for better days but I have a feeling that this will be a tumultuous four years ahead.

  6. Black people can wake me when they’re really ready to BUILD.

    We got too many that are talented and educated with access to resources we can use to our advantage.

    The Jews and Asians weren’t worried about the outcome of the election for a reason.

    Our ancestors accomplished 10x more with less than we have now.

    Y’all try protesting with BLM in 2017 if you want. You might legit lose your life.

    Trump didn’t even have to pretend to give a fuck about black and brown bodies to get elected. House and Senate Republican dominated too.

    The problem is we’ve become complacent, lazy, and self serving.

    1. I. agree.

      BLM is a joke to me at this point, and not effective. In it’s beginnings, I was with it, but after all the divisiveness (which is against the whole point of BLM in the first place) etc. it’s message has become very convoluted. Besides, I’m not a particular proponent of rioting these days. That’s not how we negotiate in 2016. We have to strike em where it hurts. Get out and vote for a democratic congress ( and the RIGHT MEMBERS) that will push those objectives, vote for a REAL democratic politician (Bernie Sanders or someone along those lines) and that’s only the beginning. Then we have to do the rest of the ground work ourselves.

      The Jews and Asians don’t have to worry because they’ve created establishments and centres for themselves, where they can get together, socialize, build communities and BUSINESSES they THEY OWN, and they help each other through these connections. I know here, we don’t really have that for Black people,and if we do, it’s still used as a way to segregate amongst ourselves (so and so “talks too white”, is too fem, is not “black enough”), giving attitude etc. when these are our people in our communities trying to reach out and help. We need to support each other more. I can imagine it being the same over there, but I wouldn’t know for certain.

      Like you said, we need to do the leg work, there are people who are doing it, but we need to move as a unit; as a community to really make waves. Idk, that’s what I think.

  7. Where do we go?……Canada….Africa….or Jamaica idk lolol Pun intended. Simply put…we just dig in…ride this shit out…and make em think twice bout comin the wrong way!! We’ll get thru it…always do. Just don’t cower and take it!…like so many I know that sat home and smoked…fucked…and scratched their ass and didn’t vote ! Smdh

  8. That’s a good question. Where do we go from here? I can only look up and pray. I didn’t watch the debates because really it was just too much. This political climate was a train wreck. It was so bad that I rather watch paint dry. To everyone else that commented on this post, y’all be good and y’all have great points. I’m just go to the corner and start preparing myself. I’m ready for what Trump has to offer. Peace be unto my brothers! Godspeed!

  9. As a New Yorker, I don’t see why black people are worried about Trump. He is the only Republican to actually have relationships with black people. We will see what happens.

    1. In what respect or context does he have relationships with black people? Please elaborate on that statement.

    2. and which “black people” take him seriously? I don’t think black people are on his radar “currently” (but we will be), but he’s not on black people’s side either.

  10. As much as all of us want to be upset, this is just a pill that we have to swallow. I did not see this coming, but apparently, Trump and his camp did. This country still has issues man, and him winning over Hillary proved that. Trump has no career history in politics making him underqualified than Hillary by far. Aside from that, you have men who do not want a woman running this country. It is fact that men have issues with their masculinity already, and to those men Hillary being president would have made them feel inferior.

    As Jay pointed out, our ancestors have accomplished way more with less resources, meaning we should be able to use what we actually do have now to our advantage.

  11. Why do people fall for the BS the Republicans spit out?! They talk about BS values that I’m sure HALF of them don’t give two fucks about. Family values, religious values, wholesomeness. GTFOH with that bullshit.
    Half of them probably got side chicks/dudes, made them have an abortion, molested little kids, cross-dress in private, took bribes. Did I miss anything?!!
    They’re the devil’s spawn. They don’t give two fucks about their constituents. I feel bad for Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Those people are gonna be pissed when those factories don’t reopen as promised.

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