So You Voted For Trump?


a couple co workers admitted today that they voted for trump.
is it fucked up…

…that i was completely turned off from them?
is that wrong i’ve deleted them from my existence as well?
i’m just asking the foxhole.

lowkey: the first black trump supporter in real life…

i didn’t think they exsisted.

Author: jamari fox

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22 thoughts on “So You Voted For Trump?”

  1. Nobody that I am friends with has admitted to voting for Trump.I have a couple of crackhead cousins who support him because they are Anti Mexican.Fortunately they can’t vote because they are convicted felons on parole or probation.πŸ˜‚

    I am a nervous wreck right now.I am so anxious I am nauseated.I can’t watch the election coverage. I am a news junkie but I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about this election.I having a feeling whatever happens it’s going to be a mess.If Hillary wins he won’t accept the results and say it’s rigged.If he wins God have mercy on this country with that nut in the White House.I heard he has starting tweeting again using his Android because his staff has his I Phone.

    I need to go prayπŸ™

    1. @YC…I’m like you. I’m nervous that he will win. If he does, we are in for a shitstorm of politics like you’ve never seen.
      It’s interesting that none of the whites that work with me admit that they will vote for him. They talk about him badly when he’s on TV, but that could be an act. Whenever I hear anyone say that they are voting for him, I tell them be SERIOUSLY prepared for disappointment. Those jobs he promised to bring back…not gonna happen. The repeal and replacement of ACA, it’s going to leave a LOT of people worse off than they were before. Those massive deportations and that great wall…not gonna happen.

      Look at his business practices, it’s all smoke and mirrors. These people listened to him BS his way into the Finals, without doing their homework (research). Emotions and feelings should not influence your vote. As much as both of them lied, she has the experience and the maturity for the role. With Trump, it’s his way or the highway. It’s all about HIM. He could give two fucks about this country and its people.

      IF he wins, I’m interested to see if he will turn over leadership of his company to his kids or someone else, and be hands-off…but we all know that’s not really going to happen. He will be running his company from the White House, and making deals that benefit his rich compatriots and their businesses. Serious conflict of interest.

      I’m on bended knee praying Hilary comes out on top in this.

  2. If Trump wins, we are going to have to adapt the mindset of the Snow People and be all for ourselves, they have showed their true colors at every turn. I am at the point that during this election, I have kept my contact with Snow People to a bare minimum. It shows that common sense really does not matter with these people, they are all about being in control and letting the rest of us know that we are never going to be welcome at their party, or get a seat at the table. They can keep that Kumbaya BS of all lets come together because its fake. A vote for Trump just shows that decency and experience really does not matter with them, they are going to vote for this A-hole to keep others down.

    1. Oh so true in todays rat race. The CNN coverage got me bitting my nails as Florida flip, flop back and forth. Now at 91% Trump is in the lead now i’m hoping those late ballots kick pale face out of office

  3. I would do the same Jamari. Much like the great Dr. Maya Angelou said “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.” It reminds me of a person I used to be cool with that was a black republican. Whenever white supremacy would show itself through his life experiences or through the party he supported, he would find ways to justified the bull shit. I worked today, holiday pay, and some of the lilly white people at my job were hundled up talking about voting today. I walked passed them and overheard them discussing that “If people are calling Trump a scum bag then what does that make us? Are we scum bags too?” indicating that they were Trump supporters. I immediately thought to myself “Yes. You are all scum bags” I made a mental note to never forget their faces for future reference of what a scum bag looks like in a real life setting.

  4. C’mon Americans, get it together please! The current results are disturbing, but honestly, I’m far from surprised.

  5. Most people underestimated how representative Trump is of core American values.

    Don’t get it twisted, most whites are voting for him. Doesn’t matter if they date and smash black people, know all the lyrics to a Young Thug song, feel comfortable in black spaces. They just don’t tell you they support Trump lol.

    The irony is if Trump was the exact same person but black they’d never stand behind him.

    If he wins, I’m going to seriously consider living abroad eventually.

    1. Right on J, and to think all these sad Coons who think they have a prize with their Snow partners and these same partners probably voted for Trump because they will rep their race before anything and we on the other hand want to be so accommodating and run from our people to show loyalty to those who dont give a shit about us. It is time for us to act like them about Trump how they felt about Obama.

      1. Then these dumb coloreds swear they making a statement by not voting.

        Obviously we have it too good because a lot of us using our rights to be stupid.

  6. I’m tired of getting texts and panicked calls.I turned off my phone,tv I’m logging off.I am going to sleep before I start crying from the anxiety.I will find how what happened when I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.πŸ˜‚

  7. This is by far the worst presidential race in the history of America. I really hate it. I hate how Trump is winning. I just want this nightmare to end. I really do. I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone or American Horror Story: Trump.

    1. Where are you located?

      Also, are you willing to share about how race, class, social, and culture is like there?

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