and your new homecoming queen is…

we live in a time where things have surely changed.
what was once taboo isn’t.
it might be a good or bad thing,
but that depends on who you ask.
i want to ask the foxhole something tho.
it’s about a recent story that just broke.
it’s about a student at white station high school in memphis, tennessee.
the student was voted homecoming queen but…

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flashman wade wanted ya’ll to vote for him too

you all did amazing who went out an voted.
i liked seeing so many folks promoting voting real heavy.
celebs were knocking on doors and pleading on social media.
the attentionistos got into the action as well.
flashman wade,
a foxhole fav,
voted for the first time this week.
so much so,
he wanted everyone to get out there as well.
a foxholer sent me the video he put up on his ig…
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