and your new homecoming queen is…

we live in a time where things have surely changed.
what was once taboo isn’t.
it might be a good or bad thing,
but that depends on who you ask.
i want to ask the foxhole something tho.
it’s about a recent story that just broke.
it’s about a student at white station high school in memphis, tennessee.
the student was voted homecoming queen but…

…it was a male who was won.
his name is brandon allen.
that’s his mother next to him.
as you can already guess,
social media had it’s opinions about it.
my opinion:

They voted him

it’s not like it was favoritism because he’s gay.
his classmates gave him the crown.
we live in a day and age where most gay males use female pronouns.
some gay males address each other as:


… which can also used to hurt another gay male as well.
if any of the straights used the same terms in a hurtful manner,
paws would be quickly thrown too.
it’s tricky.

I address every male,
regardless of sexuality,
as “he” and ask the same for myself.

some have had issues that i ask that,
but it’s all about respecting my wishes.
it’s not a slight or diss to anyone.
so i had to ask the foxhole…

What are your thoughts on Brandon Allen being voted “Homecoming Queen”?

yay or nah?

photo credit: emmett campbell
story cc: facebook

13 thoughts on “and your new homecoming queen is…

  1. Shout out to the legendary homecoming queen Cady Heron from Mean Girls who broke her crown to remind everyone that it is just a piece of plastic and means nothing if you can’t be yourself. and she split it with everyone who nominated and even gave a piece to her queen friend Damien. and we all lived for it.

    and now yal not gonna let this young man live? like who cares? it’s plastic and holds no real history or value.

  2. Let the girls have something for themselves. DAMN! Why couldn’t he run for king? I could’ve understood if this was a trans women but it’s clearly NOT. People like these make it so hard to be gay in this society.

    1. Gender norms are stupid for this reason. Who cares what’s meant for a boy or a girl. let him rock they’ve excluded us from these things for so long let him be queen and again his peers more than likely WOMEN voted him in. Times have and are changing ad quoted from American Godz “Evolve or die”. the world you knew is messed up let a new one grow.

      1. Gender norms are NOT stupid, most of the time people who claim they dnt want/follow gender norms really do, it’s just that the gender they want to be isn’t the one they were born. Most guys who say this dress strictly as women, do things women do etc. so you DO like gender norms, you jus dnt like accepting that the one you associate with doesn’t fit you 100%

  3. I personally think a gay man being voted Homecoming King, would mean more. It still sends a message that he’s not manly enough. That there’s only one way to be a man. And…I would expect this to be more shade than anything, but maybe it wasn’t.

    As far as this 200 genders nonsense, GIRL BYE.

    1. its not nonsense, the same way Jamari asks for your respect in calling him HE you need to respect others who choose to go by whatever pronouns or gender they choose.

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