flashman wade wanted ya’ll to vote for him too

you all did amazing who went out an voted.
i liked seeing so many folks promoting voting real heavy.
celebs were knocking on doors and pleading on social media.
the attentionistos got into the action as well.
flashman wade,
a foxhole fav,
voted for the first time this week.
so much so,
he wanted everyone to get out there as well.
a foxholer sent me the video he put up on his ig…

if a print in our faces,
in peach emoji undies,
could help get folks out there to vote

…i’ll allow it.

lowkey: he should put that “i voted” button on those massive cakes of his…

do it for me the culture flashman!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “flashman wade wanted ya’ll to vote for him too”

  1. Flash is my baby!!! I love his interaction with our community and I love that he used his platform (and that Thick “Peach Poker” LOL) to inspire people to vote. Our generation and the those finally getting the chance to vote, NEED to do better, so much is on the line for so many. But on a lighter note…That second video made me smile so big! You see how he clapped his feet in the air and then hit that lil’ jig real quick. He’s a fool in the BEST way, which makes me smile, crave and love him even more. Also, why some of the Most Gorgeous “Insta-Guys” gotta be straight though?

  2. He might as well be a trans man to me. His face is super “pretty”. I’m sure if he shaved he’d look like a girl. Nobody wants to see his front. If he did porn it’d be to watch his cheeks.

    He is just like Deven Hubbard to me. A tape will leak eventually. The muscles mean nothing. Butch queen. The King of Bottoms.

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if was getting his back blown out by the gay best friend who pranked him about liking him.

  3. Flashman is adorable but imma need him to get on a diet and get shredded again. He’s living well and eating good which means he’s packing on the pounds. I don’t like thickems.

    1. Who gives a damn about what you like? Dude looks good.. Damn gays love body shaming.. shut your ass up.. Acting like you know him personally and yall are dating… smdh Imma need you to stfu

      1. ^ Amen lol. 9 times out of 10 the gays hating are usually bad-built and out of shape. Flash looks good. Imagine trying to give unsolicited advice to a man who doesn’t know you exist. Hilarious.

  4. Poor guy. His moment has come and gone…along with so many IG “superstars”. Lol
    This reeks of a stunt to remain “relevant” but it’s not working…especially the angle in which the video is shot, and the “closing shot”

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