lamote displays his real naked truth (are we gonna feelin’ it tho?)

i hate when “the fantasy wolf” makes my lust goes to 20%.
don’t you hate that?
when you think someone is sexy af,
but they do/say/touch something and you’re like:

me too.
so i put up ^that picture of lamonte on my ig.
he ‘s one half of the “sip ‘n’ paint” naked twosome for “exotic panting”.

he’s also a amateur sexin’ icon from pornhub and tumblr.
well a foxholer sent me a post that “the luckey star” put up recently.
i think my desire is going on strike

x from his alleged tumblr

why would he even put this up?
he’s getting his second wind of popularity with naked paint.
some things just shouldn’t be on your social media babe,
especially with the hatred for all things maga.
the country is being divided because of folks political views these days.
the fact he’s black,
and more than likely a republican,
is a confusing side to be on.
i always thought he was sexy af too:

my lust and sweat is trying to keep the same energy.

28 thoughts on “lamote displays his real naked truth (are we gonna feelin’ it tho?)

  1. Cancelled, next.
    You don’t have to be a genuis, but if you aren’t smart enough to vote your best interest, and caring enough to vote the best interests for thoughs in your community, then I have no use for you

  2. The reason why his views make him undesirable is because sane human beings judge attractiveness on an overall quality and not just by a thier bodies. This may be why some people are curious as to why someone good looking would date an average Joe and why most narcissistic gays and straights are still single. They look good but have no substance.

    Birds of a feather flock together, meanwhile eagles soar like Kings.
    They vibe on a level outside of physical attraction. This is also how we choose friends and all that.

    A person can be fine as wine but when they say or do something that we don’t like, they set off our independent judgement alarm and we are most likely to judge all their faults as a whole and dismiss them as a potential mate.

    There’s a saying that goes like, “Show me the hottest girl in the room, and I’ll introduce you to someone that’s tired of f**King her.”

    When an attentionisto is quiet, your mind builds all these fantasies of the perfect and ideal mate. You create this Disney inspired tale of happily ever after and then when he says or does something that you aren’t fond of, the movie suddenly turns into an M. Night Shyamalan production…

    1. Bingo!!!!

      Another thing is I notice that male attentionistos don’t even get that many followers. Among the male internet celebs, the comedians and philosophers are most successful at that. It just show that you have to offer something of substance in order to keep someone’s attention.

    1. @Vin

      Most of his amateur porn videos with females are pretty old so they may be hard to search for, but they’re definitely out there. I’ve seen at least two videos of him during his solo webcam days where his audience were primarily men who tipped. He showed dat hole with his ass arched so wonderfully. He was making it wink… Lawd lemme find that vid… the memories 😝

  3. As an independent, I wouldn’t kick a Republican (or establishmentarian Democrat) out of my bed too quickly. Certainly not if they looked liked that!!!

    I’ve dated a few Conservative (leaning) men before and can say they aren’t all the same. Now, if what these comments from individuals who are more familiar with Mr. Lamonte than I are true, than yeah he’s probably gonna have to see the door…after he lays that pipe of course.

    Lol *eyes emoji* Ya’ll see that PRINT…?!?!

  4. I peeped dis when Chrissette did the inauguration and he was in insta comments like “she getting a bag do what?” Smmfh. Hell I even had a back and forth with him about slavery after Kanye’s comments and I was like oh u one of those so woke he comatose types. And he definitely trolls his support dat shit so fuckin corny to me. Crazy how someone’s viewpoints and values can take away their attractiveness.

  5. No surprise. We forget who these guys were before they became muscular. Just because the outside package looks good doesn’t mean the inside isn’t totally screwed up. Prisons are filled with goodlooking men who did bad things and most you don’t want to take home. Don’t let the bodies fool you. Look past the body and see where the head is. Your life may depend on it. Bodies these days are a dime a dozen but brains and substance fall in short supply. Instagram is filled with tiffany boxes…looks good on the outside but you look inside (they open their mouths, make a post or vid) you may run for your life.

  6. I can’t believe all the negative reactions Monte is getting in this post. But then again, I can believe it. Many black folks have plantation mentalities. And our gay brothers are of no exception to that rule. If you wanna throw a man out of your bed because your cognitive dissonance won’t allow you to accept his political leanings then send him to me! lol

  7. This is nothing knew , how are you just seeing this? He’s been doing this since Trump got into office, but I thinks it’s just to troll & get attention.

  8. Y’all better listen to KJD, lol.

    I saw a pic a while back at some Trump rally…A group of. all back folks were lined up in support for Trump. Let’s not forget that a lot of males (black ) ones had a high note and vote for Trump.

    That black fella up there fits the bill as one of those young modern woke folk that grow excessively long beards to protest their manhood. They are usually protesting for black right but are dating a white woman (or man…). The ones that are Trump supporters are the type to stand for Black power but pass a homeless balck person on the street or don’t associate with folks that don’t meet their income standards.

    And why are men these days all up in the camera more than females are thinking they pretty or something.

    Y’all need to get together and make every Trumpa Loompa supporter take off their hat and were a wig just like Trump.

    Some of y’all need to get out of America or go ahead and get your passports. There are some places that will blow your mind.

    Have a nice weekend and Veterans day folks!!

  9. A classic case of how “pretty can be pretty dumb, sometimes”. I never got into this “Insta-Guy” but I feel you J. If my bae Flashman Wade would’ve pulled this stunt, then I would feel the same way. Man, whatta gwan in these forests. There is damage being done and either some people are uninformed, oblivious or plain self-destructive. Also, I’ve LOVED this site, your posts and The Foxhole for a bit but finally snuck out the cut in my cave to play LOL. You are doing an Amazing job and I’m rooting for you Mr. Fox! As Ms. Tiffany says…I curse you with Happiness, Success and Rich Sex (last one is more somethin’ Barbie would say). You are Inspiring, Enlightening and offering Bursts of Sunshine (and The Thirst LOL) to many. Keep discovering you and fighting for what is due to you. You’re Dope and Beautiful Accomplishments/Harmony is coming your way! Please DON’T forget that. By the way, that Brit GIF took me out LOL. You may have fonted about this and i missed it, but…I wonder what are your thoughts on Broadway Legend/ “Pray Tell” on FX’s Pose star Billy Porter’s recent sad/empowering piece with Out Magazine.

  10. i HATE when this happens. reminds me of this guy at my job – nice body from his bodybuilding days, decent in the face, ass on phat. he started sharing his opinions and lust for him dried up completely. plus i cringe when he attempts to act cool.

    am i still lusting? you damn right. 🙃

    1. I’m going to need gay men to stop lusting after trash ass individuals on the off-chance that they might one day want to fuck..It’s really sad and pathetic. Are y’all that desperate for ass? smh. There are too many attractive men on the planet to be fixated on problematic assholes.

      1. Exactly why I’m perplexed lol. There’s men out here who are attractive, gay and semi unproblematic. It’s never this deep sirs.

  11. If you go through the notes on that tumblr post he thinks this shit is funny. People are literally out here dying because of this Trump #MAGA bullshit, but he thinks this shit is all fun and games. Now when this shit starts to fuck up his business and money then we’ll see if he’s still laughing then.

    1. ^sigh…

      it’s all fun and games until a cop has a gun in his face,
      because he is a black male,
      and those same MAGA supporters turn on him.

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