Travis Tritt Learned The Hive Does Beyonce’s PR

tumblr_og2dewfamr1sveb0mo1_1280b looks like a pure snow bunny in that pic.
well beyonce came,
and she got the hyenas mighty upset.
as you know,
or didn’t,
but she performed at the country music awards last week.
well she had all the rednecks upset.
you probably can assume why.
one redneck and country music vet,
travis tritt,
allegedly had this to say on twitter…

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-8-08-55-pmof course you know,
he unleashed a beast he couldn’t contain:


that’s right.
he got impaled with every stinger from all over the world.
the beyhive been working overtime with their dragging.
a lot of racist hyenas have risen after this performance.
well he deleted it with the quickness but posted this:



as i was reading through his twitter timeline,
he claims he doesn’t like when “other genres” perform at the cmas.
beyonce was performing her country song,
“daddy lessons”,
featuring the dixie chicks.
i don’t see what’s the big deal.
i guess he doesn’t know where country music really came from.
i’m sure the hive taught him.
guess what travis?
she performed,
and everyone was talking about it for days.


you’ll get over it.

lowkey: this is why i hate when bet hands over awards to adele,
justin timberlake,
and bieber at our award shows.
we need to be exclusive too.

check out travis tritt’s tweets: twitter

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Travis Tritt Learned The Hive Does Beyonce’s PR”

    1. The song Beyonce performed is country, it’s just a guitar and her singing. She even performed the song with a country band. He’s still saying it’s a pop song, then he brought up awards based on her race. Seems shady to me

  1. I didn’t understand why so many people where upset that Beyoncé performed. When Nelly and Rihanna performed a few years back they were welcomed and there was no issues. Smh..weird.

  2. He was not the only one to get dragged by the Hive, apparently they stung Kenny Chesney, I think that is his name for looking like he was not pleased by her performance. He didnt even say anything about it but he just look funny and ended up apologizing, there is power in the Hive.

    What this dude said was racist AF. I called out a Republican for being racist on Twitter and he was offended and said Whoa, they always low key talking Shit but want to get hurt feelings when they are called out. This Cracker saying Soul Train and BET was the clue for all of you who might have missed it about him being Racist. If a country artist was invited to one of those shows they would not be insulted like Beyonce was. The insults were about her race and not her artistry and only a fool would think otherwise. Trump has emboldened the Snow People to be bold AF thinking its 1950 again.

  3. Most racists don’t think they’re racist. That’s a fact.

    The hateful rednecks outside of schools during integration probably didn’t think they were racist either.

    The fact is white people have stolen everything and claimed it as their own. That’s their legacy.

    You’d be hard pressed to find anything whites created themselves without it originating from another culture or civilization.

  4. You don’t hear them complain about that “other genres” with justin timberlake or the other non country white artists perform there. At least beyoncé did a country song with a coutry group that covered her song. And then he chose, let’s say it, what he thinks is black awards as example. I guess the “genres” he was talking about is colour then. Hell they didn’t have a problem with Bey en 2007 when she wasn’t as vocal as she is now about black issues. And back then her song wasn’t country at all.

    I’m not american but i really really really hope yall gonna vote tomorrow and makes the right choice for you and for the rest of the world (yep that’s the burden of being the leader of the free world lol)

  5. So he don’t like it when other “Genres” perform at the CMA’s? So he pick now to say something? Why not when Justin Timberlake, Meagan Trainor or Ariana Grande performed? Look i’m not the biggest Beyoncé fan either but let’s be real race does play a major part

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