Two Violations For The Price of None


i have a question for the foxhole.
here goes…

Why did my boss tell 2 coworkers they could stay home today,
leaving deadlines to me and one of my other colleagues?

he is an asshole,
you say?

6359581286362552021429024389_joey-looking-aroundokay good.
i thought i was the only one thinking that.
i wanted to fight this muthafucka today.
he won’t bring in a temp(s),
but wants us to slave on some sweat shop shit.
so add this one to another day of complete bullshit.

i was sitting in the break room,
minding my business,
when a new vixen to the company walked in and sat next to me.
we not close like that,
but she is cool.
by cool i mean a heavy “hi and bye” type of situation with her.
she always says “good morning” and keeps it cordial.
she is one of those “raised in the suburbs” type of black vixens.
i sniff out a heavy cali accent which told me she is not from new yawk.
so she starts complimenting me on my style and then says:

“you think you can take me shopping?”

“what do you mean ‘take’?”

“dress me up!”

i don’t style females…”

she looked hurt.
she actually looked hurt.
so as she continues with the talking,
she starts trying to hook me up with her random friend.

“he is so cute.
he is soooooooooo your type too.”

i don’t even know her for her to know my type.

“what’s my type?”

“you know,
stylish and fabulous like yourself!”

wu0izyv…the fuck?
she doesn’t even know me,
but like most str8 vixens,
they think we all fuck each other.
they assume you’re gay so they try to hook you up with their gay friends.
my home-vixens who know me never even did this kind of shit to me.
i think the foxhole would know better.
i was moreso blown away i was even having this conversation at work.
it’s one thing if we cool,
but i don’t even remember this vixen’s name!
what if i was straight?
you joke around with these vixens and they get too comfortable.
they think because you don’t fit the norm,
you are like the gays they’re use to.
so needless to say she had me tite.
i ended up walking away from her and going back to my desk.

between her and then my boss shit…


11 thoughts on “Two Violations For The Price of None

  1. You could be missing your blessing. For all you know, her friend is some well-connected stylist or maybe the wolf you’ve been looking for who just happens to dress well.

    Further, although you don’t normally style women, there’s nothing wrong with trying. You don’t know who she knows. Again, another blessing you could be missing out on.

    Sounds like there’s a little close mindedness on both ends.

    The boss? Quit.

  2. Again FUCK YO BOSS. I know you’re already doing this but I would just continue to make notes of everything that’s going on just to have in your arsenal.

    This new work vixen needs to slow her roll, I hate when people ( mostly girls) do that whole ” let me hook you up with my gay friend” thing. One “hello, my name is…” First and second miss who I date or am into is none of your business.

  3. That’s alright just keep doing your job every time God has blessed me with a better job the last few weeks or months we’re were the same I totally understand your pain our personalities are very much similar almost too much I know the pain of it all just do your job keep silent even WHEN your next promotion elsewhere comes keep it to yourself the best way to get them mad is when they find out by surprise I finally got promoted to another office but I spent the last 8 months hating my department hang in there

  4. Damn i had that girl today, i don’t even know her it was the first time i met her. I was talking to my friend about how my ex-boss did me dirt. And i can help it when i’m mad the queen comes out. So the girl is my friend’s new coworker (he doesn’t know that much either). Anyway we were talking and she came and ask me “you’re gay?” i was like “euh.. yeah?” then she ask my friend too. And then she started to tell us how she loves gay people she hates girls is easier to be friend with gay because “normal guys” (yes she said that) end up in love with her but with gay people she feels safe. She had that gay friend she want us to meet him. Then she sat with us, she so happy to meet us and bla bla bla… i still can believe it really happened.

    1. Do not trust any person who says “they love gay people” to me that’s comparable to a white person telling me “they love black people”.There are close to 40 million black people in this country how the F are you going to love all of us.We are not some , one dimensional,monolithic group.

    2. I’ve been in a similar situation It’s mad crazy right ! it amazes me how many straight girls love gay guys but aren’t cool with queer women.

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