Two Violations For The Price of None


i have a question for the foxhole.
here goes…
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We Got Into It

tumblr_nny2dtFpl81u8dfaeo1_500he texted me mid morning.
i wasn’t going to text him at all.
after yesterday’s incident,
i wanted to keep my distance.
well this is work wolf we are talking about.
he was gonna text me his usual:

“good morning”

…if i didn’t text him.
after reading the comments yesterday,
i got right into it with him…
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She Walked In On Us

tumblr_n0cggxGxfS1rbcubso1_1280so this is a disclaimer.
this is NOT my fault before you start on me.
i was the victim of being:

1 wrong place
1 wrong time
1 work wolf

i swear on my life i was…
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How To Get Trapped By A Work Wolf

tumblr_mv8v3xthKT1szjykgo1_500“hey lets talk a little later.
i got a lot going on.
i’ll holla.”
thats what i told work wolf in a text earlier.
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