She Walked In On Us

tumblr_n0cggxGxfS1rbcubso1_1280so this is a disclaimer.
this is NOT my fault before you start on me.
i was the victim of being:

1 wrong place
1 wrong time
1 work wolf

i swear on my life i was…

so i like tea.
i like pomegranate pizzazz tea from bigelow the most.
around like 430pm,
i went to my floor’s lounge to make some.
when i got there,
there was none left.
i guess other people like it too.
so i went over to the other floor to see if they had any.
that floor happens to be where work wolf is.

so i’m in the kitchen making some tea and my luck he walks in.
he greets me and we start talking.
we talked off and on in texts today,
but we seem to have a better conversations in person.
i said to him:

“i was thinking the other day that when i leave this job,
i probably won’t hear from you again.”

in which he replied:

“naw jamari.
we always gonna keep in contact.
you can hit me up whenever you want bro.”

so we in there talking about everything.
 the new boss,
what he was doing tonight,
to him asking me about my past.
i was leaning up against the wall.
he was sitting on the a table facing me.
it was all friendly.
all of sudden “new vixen” walked in.
the one he is talking too.
well it was like the world stopped.
she looked at me and then looked at him.
the way she looked at usssssssssssss….
you would have thought she walked in on him banging my back out.
i felt like a straight up vixen getting caught with someone wolf at that moment.

“hey baby.
come over here.” – he said.

“no i don’t want to interrupt.” – she said.

“naw come over here.” – he said.

“no i’ll stand over here.” – she said.

i’m like:

giphyit felt real weird.
everything got “awkward silencey”.

“ya know,
i got a lot of work to do.
i’ll leave.”

“aight man.”

i looked at her when i walked out and said bye.
she responded rather coldly.
i could not stop thinking about the scene in that kitchen.
i assumed the worse.
i’m sure she picked up on something.
do i ultimately care?
not really.
i wasn’t flirting nor she didn’t catch me with his dick in my mouth.
we were legit talking about dumb shit.
when i was leaving an hour later,
i got a text from him:

“she need to cut this jealous shit out.
i created a monster

“yeah that was really awkward work wolf.
the way she looked at me…

“i nearly flipped on her.
she said she was looking for me and didn’t see me at my desk.
she been acting up.
i’m not feelin her no mo.”

well this is about to get interesting.
i do know one thing.
ima stay my ass up on my damn floor.
tea or no tea.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

40 thoughts on “She Walked In On Us”

  1. LOL! Is she really getting jealous over a lunchroom conversation though? Jealous over a friend with a dude?
    Ugh, some vixens really know how to stink up a joint lol! I don’t like women like that.That’s why I like to keep most of them at an arm’s length.
    I don’t do awkward situations (if I can help it lol).
    and for her to be new and copping an attitude? and dating someone who works there? She screams of bad news and a bad attitude to me. Stay clear of that mess with a 10 foot pole lol!

    1. ^d it was so awkward lol
      at least he didn’t do what I thought and try and shun me.
      he wanted her to join us and she acted real stank.
      im glad he noticed her actions as well.

      1. Women know their men and im sure she probably suspects he likes the fellas as much as he likes the ladies.

        She probably went through his phone among other things, that’s how she made DA conclusion……. Then again boys will be boys and you know how we are around the water cooler lol

      2. I think Truth is onto something. Why would she be jealous of Jamari unless she had a reason? He might be down idk.

    1. Well said. Some people, especially women, are very intuitive, and can pick up on energy, the look in your eyes, the tone of your voice and other mannerisms.

  2. Dun-dun-dun!!!!! Oh jamari I got a feeling she picked up on your scent she ain’t stupid lol! She’s on to you jamari lol!

  3. Why is she jealous? She know you gay… I’m deadass serious. “What is he doing talking to him? They look suspect.” LOL

    Jamari is out here playing with fire, mean mugging ol girl lol. Dang.

  4. I had been thinking of planting an urban garden this year. At least now I know where I can get large quantities of bull shit. 🙂 You just happened to be on his floor looking for some big-below pomegranate, and had the misfortune of bumping into your crush? Pineapple, please.

    You know you were hoping to see him and were glad that you did, You also know that it thrilled you that she found something to be jealous of. Just own it. Some of us still think you aren’t being careful enough of your heart. But, we can celebrate your winning a battle even though we think it’s a war you’d be better off not fighting.

    1. LMAO Are you accusing of J of going to that floor hoping to see Work wolf? How dare you.J needed some tea

    2. LOL!! Jamari you my nigga but I have to agree with Jay on this. You know good and gaht damn well you was hoping to bump into the guy.

  5. A Hard Head Makes A Soft Behind. And Jamari Has Not Learned To Leave Him Alone and Not Get Caught Up In His Mess. How You Know She Aint Cool With Liar Liar.

    1. “I can’t leave ’em alone
      I tried that good boy game
      But the Work Wolf’s turning me on
      It’s just that he know what I want
      So bad, I love that, I can’t leave ’em alone” -Jamari’s thoughts

  6. I believe HE has done something to make her question his sexuality.I don’t think it has as much to do with your sexuality.I am not going to be insecure about my man talking to a guy ,even a guy who I think is gay,unless I have some noticed something suspect about his behavior.If anyone should be insecure it should be me since I had an ex who was on the DL.But I don’t assume something is up unless I sense a guy is hiding something.
    Now I could be wrong and she could just be extremely insecure .

    It’s funny but last night I watched the episode of L A Complex when Kal was at the hospital talking to that woman from the shelter and the lawyer walked up and Kal pulled way and she realized he was gay.This situation with J is nothing like that but it is weird I happened to watch that last night on youtube instead that boring pass Billboard Awards.

    1. Y Colette I have to say I love when you post, but anyway if you don’t mind me asking how did you find out your man was on the DL or were there signs that you picked up on?

      1. He told me he was gay after he was involved in an accident.I think after surviving a traumatic event he no longer wanted to live a lie.I didn’t suspect he was DL because I assumed a guy on the DL would either be homophobic or uncomfortable around gay guys or would be TOO comfortable around gay guys.He was neither.This happened several years ago.It was easier to deal with because we weren’t together for years and I wasn’t madly in love with him.We are still friends.He is openly gay and is engaged to a man.When they finally get married I hope to be at their wedding.
        I have a lot of compassion and empathy for DL men because of my experience with him.His father is a minister so I understand the pressure he was under to be “straight”.Also because he trusted me enough to tell me .Like I have said before if he was my husband and I caught him in bed with a man I may not be as understanding.

  7. Like Truth said some women know that their men like other men so that can be it. She also could of went through his phone and probably saw you’ll text messages and does she know Liar Liar cause that will solve your issue.

  8. You guys were just talking she’s need to chill but sometimes when there is something’s other people can pick up on a vibe. I know that sounds odd but maybe to some females into him they can sense when someone else is also into him. Be careful with that one you don’t need anymore enemies at work.

  9. She might be insecure, but she clocked you, Jamari. That explains her coldness in large measure.

  10. Too much lol. Jamari I don’t know man, I have to side with Jay and everyone. I think your hot self wanted to bump into him lol. Your heart must have melted when you seen him. His girl must have a reason to be jealous of him talking to ANOTHER GUY. Like someone was saying either “Liar Liar” said something or you were too into him and she noticed.

    1. They onto his ass Ronnie. And then he told her “bye” LMAO.

      Jamari want that man bad. It be like that. You end up acting out of character and doing things you wouldn’t normally do. I’ve been there so I can’t be too hard on him lol.

  11. Wow Jamari. This is interesting. I’m gonna have to agree with some of the others here. Here are some of my conclusions.

    1) She knows you’re gay. She might be suspicious that you’re pushing up on her man. As much as you talk about him on here….. its beyond obvious that you REALLY like him. At this point, this is probably water cooler talk at your job.

    2) I’m not sure I understand why he would characterize her actions as “jealousy” if he’s only into women. A straight man would consider her behavior completely bizarre.

    3) Don’t hate me for this, but I think you are really trying to get this boy. AT ALL COSTS. You suspect something, and you want it (HIM). You like the challenge, and boundaries don’t bother you. You gave us this story to continue the narrative of crazy women in his life, and act as an innocent bystander. I don’t buy it. You know exactly what you want. She has every reason to be suspicious. She has every right to be jealous. You’re slowly picking at him, and he’s enjoying the attention (whether or not he’s sexually into you is still debatable). The text messages y’all share aren’t just two men bantering….your intentions behind those messages take it to the next level. There’s not innocence here boo.

    Be careful man. i would tell you to stop, but I know how you’re feeling. He’s fine. You want him. He’s giving you mixed signals. See where it goes. He ultimately has to choose what he wants. Even IF it is one day you…..don’t expect a fairytale ending. Wishy washy now. Wishy washy FOREVER. Know that.

    Just don’t blame anyone else but yourself if shit ever hits the fan.

    This is tough love. But love nonetheless. I like you J. i would probably do the same if I were in your position honestly. Curiosity is overwhelming. I get it. Be careful

  12. I remember a post you posted about not having money once, he bought you lunch and put it on your desk. Didn’t Liar Liar see that? she probably told that girl about that incident and how you guys are always together. I’m sure people have pegged you as being Gay at that messy ass place…..and like I said earlier women snooped to see if their guys are legit, the evidence of his activities probably ring alarms for ol girl.

    I think Work Wolf knows you’re gay as well….and has a soft spot for you, he may even be bicurious and waiting for the opportunity to explore.

    1. I was about to say the same thing! You beat me to it!.
      Yes, liar, liar saw work wolf bring you lunch.
      You’d better believe she didn’t keep it to herself either.
      She probably turned it around and said, “Oh Jamari trying to get your man, watch out for him”
      I would play things so cool at work and not let on that you and work wolf are friendly.
      Keep that shyt outside the office…so people won’t speculate.
      Do the shopping thing and thank him for the lunch by buying him a drink in a real low-key spot sometime.
      But yeah, chill out on the convos and interactions at work because you are giving people something to talk about. And that may scare him off or just make shyt real uncomfortable for you.

  13. Damn, you never know who has a good gaydar. I don’t think you were looking for him like other commenters but i do think you’re about to get caught up and a whole bunch drama heading your way. Make sure this isn’t a “calm before the storm” type of thing.

  14. Y Colette thanks for sharing your story and that’s so good he can live his life freely and openly. I also compend your understanding and intelligence. I can also understand how you of felt if you’ll would of gotten married and you found out he was DL. I guess some men have the DL down packed that it’s hard to distinguish their sexuality.

  15. If Jamari wanted his tea, he wanted his damn tea! Lol. It’s not like you were seeking him, he came in the lounge and spotted you. I agree with Y Colette on this one. In my experience, I don’t get jealous until you give me a reason to be. Idk what the reason is but perhaps she’s noticed something. Only time will tell.

  16. Seems like somebody went looking for tea and everybody ended up with some except the one looking this is tge highlight of my day

  17. She knows about you, because he told her…that you were gay and you were obsessed with him, borderline stalking. THAT’s how she knew.

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