Like A Lost Wilder Beast In A New Jungle

tumblr_mnmpga5PPU1r4zr2vo1_500he seems nice.
very nice.
too nice.
he introduced himself to us in a conference room this morning.
everyone was looking at him like lions watching a wilder beast.
all in competition.
it was like…

“who will sink their claws in him first?”

this fox however.
i decided to try a different approach.
i’m going around the lions.

tumblr_mgl8avFqvk1r4zr2vo1_r3_500i don’t like how wilder beast taste anyway.
so i just smiled and observed everything about him.

the way he spoke very unsure of himself
how he doesn’t really make eye contact
the intimidation that seeped off his skin

before he got there,
everyone was plotting.
they want this and that done.
they want this and that day off.
i kept my mouth shut about my intentions.
my plan of attack was to continue doing what i do.
my work ethic speaks for itself.

in the afternoon,
he came over to my desk and asked me a few questions about procedures.
he wanted to know what i do and how i do it.
i answered very professionally while making sure to crack a few jokes.
i had to lower his guard and make him comfortable.
he responded well.
i kept it light with the first meeting.

the sad part is,
he is a “yes” person.
i guess he doesn’t want to be too aggressive,
but they going to swallow him whole.

tumblr_m8kzbpj25X1rdutw3o1_500poor man felt so overwhelmed he left at 3pm.
lets hope for the best?

this is a two parter.
today was a pretty eventful day.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Like A Lost Wilder Beast In A New Jungle”

  1. Cant wait for the second part. God, I live for this site!!!! I was too happy when I saw this entry pop up!

  2. Ooh! Jamari this one sounds kinda moist worthy lol! Is he like a sexy nerd type? I can’t wait for part two.

  3. Give it a few minutes for him to get adjusted then judge his behaviour. Some people are good at making a first impression, and showing you what they want to show. Give it a few months and you will see how he is on a daily basis.

    Nice is good though! Maybe having the masculine energy might help neutralize the drama. I hope he’s chill!

  4. I’m praying liar liar don’t sink her claws in him with her fake ass. Wish you all the best.

  5. All of you guys need to be careful. Those types act a certain way, and once they’re accustomed to the environment…that mofo shows the TRUE colors! So he may SEEM to be timid and a pushover…but those are the types that will fuck you over in a heartbeat! I know…I work with people like that! LOL

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