The Weight On My Shoulders (No Seriously)

tumblr_mquigzeiqg1s7fnd3o1_400so while i had some free time earlier,
i called the gym around my area.
actually the one i signed up for that i never went to.
don’t even…
i know.
i wanted to find out how much a trainer would cost.
i am pretty serious about this.
the receptionist who answered was pretty nice.
she wanted me to come in immediately.
maybe she gets a commission once i sign up?
i got a price quote and well…

10 sessions

Chuck-Bass-Gossip-Girl-Hmmthat doesn’t seem too bad.
she wants me to meet the wolf i’ll be training with.
since rent is coming up soon,
plus other bills,
i will have to do it next month,
but i’m glad i got the quote so i can save up.
today felt like a lot was going on with me.
  it’s just monday.

lowkey: my weight is slowly coming back as well.
but its getting there again.
i’m going to pick up some protein powder in the coming week.

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9 thoughts on “The Weight On My Shoulders (No Seriously)”

  1. Call some other places and see what their rates are. See if they can beat $280.
    There’s a place I pass on my way home that has 12 sessions for $250. I gotta stop in there one night and see what they’re about. It’s a nice gym. They were in a smaller space before, but they grew and now they are in a larger space. The trainers I’ve seen, are impressive, but I want to know they are certified and knowledgeable more than anything. Anyone can say they are a personal trainer, but doe they have the criteria to back up that claim?!

  2. That’s cheap as shyt. Hopefully the guy or girl is qualified and know what they are doing.

    I need a trainer too.

  3. You already know I love this. 280 is a great price. Invest in yourself J. And hit up Vitamin World for your protein. They usually have good deals. GNC will rip you off. Oh. And get a mixer bottle for protein and water. Im excited for you. Damn. Lol

  4. ^ I need a trainer too, but I already have the framework. Luckily I used to work out a lot so I have a muscular frame.I was skinny when I was younger, but then I got thick in recent years. At first it was a good thick but then it became a problem so now I’m trying to lose weight. I’m almost at my goal, but I will need a trainer to help me put on more muscle, and get used to the equipment. I’m actaully “comfortable” with where I’m at now, but still have a ways to go…
    I’ve gotten compliments on my ass quite a few times before in the past, but I’ve lost weight in that area… still looks real nice, but just not what Im used to…all I need is some abs and I’ll be golden lol
    My goal is to work on my chest/arms, and waist/glutes and really make it pop!

    Jamari, you will love what the gym does to your body, you will naturally feel sexier, and your confidence will go up little by little. This is a great idea, and you will just “feel” better at the end of the day. the physical and psychological and emotional benefits are well worth it. I will be saving coins to join a gym too, but until then, I will workout from home :/

      1. LOL! If only I was that brave and naive JAY 😉 You might need to send me a body pic too rofl! We all gotta get a little somethin somethin right? 😉
        Remember you gotta work for this! Haha! You got your foot in the door though!
        I can’t believe I’m speaking this way…lmao!

  5. More power to you, I have a gym membership and I stopped going because of work and school but now that it’s summer I need to get in it I’m trying to add muscle to my skinny frame and finally get something that looks like an ass.

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